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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Lollipops, gummy bears and chocolates. What do they all have in common? They're all examples of sweet candies. However, not one of them matches the sweetness that is Mobile GF Candy. Like regular tasty treats, this chick will leave you feeling sticky. Only instead of it being your hands, she'll leave you feeling sticky between your legs, if you catch my drift.

MobileGFCandy takes sweetness to a whole new level, because at one moment she'll be all smiles and playful, whereas the next she's stuffing a giant dildo down her throat. Other times, she'll just start shedding her clothes and play with her tits, then end the fun with giving us the finger as she sneers at the camera.

In many of Candy's 20 movies, she likes knowing that you're watching her and admits that she would much rather be rubbing your hands against her crotch instead of that inflated balloon or practicing her blowjob skills on the real thing instead of a dildo. Very often, you'll see her in pigtails and, in one scene, she gives a handjob to a real dude and lets him cum on her cute face.

You'll note that most movies look good or even great. However, I would recommend against making them fit the screen, as the tops, corners and bottoms normally get cut off when you do so. One issue you might have is that the audio is quite low in certain vids compared to the others.

The 20 photo galleries feature much more posing and stripping in comparison to the vids. They're also much better lit than the movies tend to be. You'll note that an image only takes up the upper left quarter of your screen when you first look at it. However, you can zoom in on it. The pics look great when you make them fit your screen, but any larger and they start to get blurry.

Navigation is a bit on the awkward side, as the whole site is one big scrolling fest without any search features. Also, the videos are intermixed with the photo sets and none of the content is dated.

You do get some bonus material, though. Your membership comes with access to several other mobile sites that are designed the same way and also focus on one model's naughty hijinks, such as Mobile GF Dani and Mobile GF Nikki. So Mobile GF Candy is okay for having porn on the go, but the lack of content and updates along with some other issues make it tough to recommend.

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