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Updated on: 03/16/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • The collection has grown immensely and continues to increase, although on a somewhat inconsistent basis.
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"Welcome to the world of Dr Susan Block." That's the statement that greeted me upon arriving on this site. I pondered it a minute as images of a pornstar squirting, surrounded by other babes, and a pic of the Penthouse Pets fooling around with a dildo while the good Doc looked on, flashed before my eyes. This was going to be a good time, I could tell.

DrSusanBlock is a ravishing sex therapist who hosts a radio show each Saturday night and you can actually tune in from this website. From the descriptive paragraph on the tour, I learned that the good Doc also runs Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy, which in 2013 relocated from downtown Los Angeles to West L.A.

She's also apparently worked on several HBO specials and made some television appearances. Her site promises "stimulating sex education" and "theatrical yet spontaneous action," but she also stresses that it's all real, so don't expect any polished and scripted performances here. There's rarely a shot of Dr. Susan without a headset on, so I assume all the outrageous antics end up on her shows. You can expect a lot of group action, both lesbian and straight.

They redesigned the site and it looks great. The 217 videos can be found in the "episodes" and "clips" sections. The 123 movies under "episodes" last well over an hour in most cases. The 94 movies under "clips" actually contain full-length footage and in most cases involve a performer being interviewed. What's interesting is that it could be a pornstar or a mainstream actor, like Lorenzo Lamas or Ed Asner (star of "Lou Grant").

The films give you mostly good-quality playback, but some were shot in HD. I think there used to be other formats here, but now all the flicks come in Windows Media and MP4 files. These are also two streaming options for each video. You get sorting options, keyword tags, a place to leave a rating and a comment, and you can track all your favorites.

The galleries can obviously be found in the "photos" section, but you'll find duplicate sets in the "episodes" section and I'm not sure why they need to be listed in two places. At any rate, being careful not to count any duplicates, there are a total of 127 galleries. You'll see some high-res images and in some cases the set will be downloadable in a Zip file.

Now that you know the quality is up to par, allow me to tell a little more about the action. In addition to squirting and pornstars, you can also take a gander at shemales, panty stuffing, fucking machines, Femdom, orgies and much more erotic revelry. The scenes have a dreamlike quality that instill a devil-may-care attitude and make you want to cast off your inhibitions and join in on what looks like a load of fun.

What you're mostly seeing are recorded version of Dr. Block's live show. A standout for me is one involving the man behind the magazine "Girls and Corpses," Mr. Robert "Corpsy" Rhine. He shows Susan some merchandise for the magazine, like soap that looks like a dead pussy with maggots on it. He discusses the magazine's history and how he came up with the concept. So not only are you getting off, but you're getting taught things!

Updates can be slow at times, so you might only get one new video a month, but in the last 30 days, she's added three. The porn industry has a mysterious and outrageous element to it and Dr Susan Block lets you join in on the fun. You should drop by if you're looking for something a little different and with more substance.

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