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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I must admit that I have been shocked lately by what I've seen on cable television, but let's face it: here in North America, we're fairly uptight. We really have a meltdown if there's full-frontal nudity on the screen, especially if it's a male. Over in the U.K. though, things are a tad different. Still, Red Hot Hard shows you the uncensored content that you may find through a subscription with Sky TV.

If you live in the U.K., you may want to check with your satellite TV provider just to make sure that there isn't some sort of special deal for accessing RedHotHard on your television. If they can't hook you up or if you live outside of United Kingdom, then that's where this site comes in. Even if the price is in British pounds, it is quite competitive and reasonable for what you're getting.

You'll find 87 DVDs in the films dropdown and you can also search by category. Note that the 99 gay movies can only be found through the category section, though. Altogether, that gets you 507 videos that you can stream and they all look good.

Most are listed as offering both SD and 3G-supported streams, but many also claim to offer a third, HD viewing option. There's not much difference between the three, but the 3G version does get grainy at times. Each video can only be streamed and comes in its full-length.

There are loads of different kinds of content and performers. We're talking teens, MILFs, Asians, black and white chicks, including lots of hotties from the U.K. The babes are a good mix of amateurs and pornstars.

There are no photos of any kind, but the write-ups tell you enough of the story to give you an idea of what's happening. There are some wild tales with lots of super badass Chav chicks and, of course, naughty schoolgirls in their sweet uniforms. You'll see lots of these fetching young ladies willing to do it with older guys. There are also lots of horny mums who love the randy schoolboys.

Nothing is exclusive, but again, the price is lower than many other sites. So if you just want a bit of diversity in your smut, then it might be worthwhile. I think those of you not familiar with porn from the U.K. won't feel like you're simply seeing the same old thing yet again. In the end, I'd consider joining Red Hot Hard for a few months.

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