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Updated on: 08/16/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1382
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  • They've added more than 1,450 videos thanks to daily updates, along with a baker's dozen of photo sets.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee

I knew that Amateurity was going to be a site featuring amateur content (yes, I know it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out), but I didn't know it was going to be as big a site as it turned out to be. It bills itself as a "real amateur community" and that actually appears to be the case.

Even before you sign up and log in you'll be able to see thumbnails of all the videos and photos that have been added to the community and right away you'll notice the homemade nature of the Amateurity content. And I mean that in a good way. You can see babes toying, having anal, sucking cock, getting pounded and titty fucking.

While some amateur sites try to pass off pornstars as amateurs, the vast majority of the material I checked out here looked to be true amateur action (and I checked out a lot). Some of it might have been a little staged, but most of it was very made-at-home fun and all hardcore. About half of the porn is exclusive to the site.

There are over 5,462 videos and more than1,226 photo sets as I write this, but with the daily updating that's going on right now, those numbers will be out of date within 24 hours. The quality is generally what you'd expect from true amateur action and the newer videos look good as far as their stats go. But as we know, so much of the quality depends on the lighting, camera angles, etc. As for the pics, they aren't huge, but some of them look pretty decent.

I watched a cute Asian get her bushy muff licked, another hottie gaped her ass wide open and then got in drilled by her man, and there are orgies, self-shot nudie pics, creampies and cumshots galore. If there's something you want to see and I haven't mentioned it here, you can use the categories or content tags to find it.

Because this is a community, you can leave comments on all the hot scenes and even chat with other members (everyone has a profile). They also give away cash prizes every month to the top three people who submitted to the site. You don't have to submit something, though. You can just be a watcher.

There aren't any bonuses, but given the amount of content available and the multiple updates every day, you'll find plenty of the amateur action you came here for in the first place. Amateurity is definitely worth joining!

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  • Comment by: Fabian

    Score: 90% Date: 09/08/2014

    Great website ! Works fine on mobile. Updated everyday ! Love it

  • Comment by: Jerome

    Score: 90% Date: 08/05/2014

    Thanks for listing this website... I read all customers reviews and I was a little bit disappointed by the Andrew review... But I joined and I must say that this website is great ! More than great !
    Very hot movies, most are unseen elsewhere and nice updates (3 or 4 new vids per day) !
    Finally a must join if you're after amateur girlfriends... I love it !

  • Comment by: Stephane

    Score: 90% Date: 06/29/2014

    By far the best amateur website I joined ! Nice movies, most of them are not the same you've seen over and over on other websites... New content added every day (even on sunday).
    Good download speed !
    Maybe they should try to make the search function more precise...
    Also you wrote in your review that there are no zip files of the gallery, but there are...
    A must join !!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:07/02/2014): Thanks for the comment, Stephane. Our review is outdated, so some of the information may be inaccurate. We are working to get our review updated.

  • Comment by: andrew

    Score: 50% Date: 02/18/2014

    I posted on the 15/02 the problems i was having. After contact from the owner who informed me they are updating servers soon and that he would give me a free month once this was done. I must say I was impressed by the quick response. It may infact be a problem with the pipe to australia as the poster below reports no problems in Asia. Anyway on customer service alone, the site is worth a look.

  • Comment by: Lee

    Score: 90% Date: 02/17/2014

    I signup up 3 days ago and I love this site. Real amateur babes here. I already download lots of photos and videos. The download speed is very good here in Asia. No fake member's area, what you see on the tour is what you have once joined.

  • Comment by: andrew

    Score: 10% Date: 02/15/2014

    I don't know what the post below is thinking. I've joined this site twice in 2 years and cannot download more than 2 files @ once at max speed of 80k each. I emailed the webmaster last time and he tried to tell me it was my end, however I have an 8mbps connection and works fine on other sites. Plenty of content they just dont want you to donwload too much to reduce their costs. I've given up, I thought i'd try again after 2 years but still no better. Don't join this site a complete waste of money. Would not be surprised if the poster below is the owner/webmaster. It's almost fraud really, I am not getting what I paid for.

  • Comment by: Renaud

    Score: 100% Date: 02/11/2014

    Just joined this website ! And all I can say is: it rocks hard ! Very nice amount of homemade videos. I've joined many different "girlfriend" websites and this one is by far the best. Only cons: No HD, but for amateur it's quite normal... Deserves a better mark 73/100 is not enough (although I know my 100/100 is a little bit obvious, but damn I was greatly surprised...)

  • Comment by: Old voyeur

    Score: 85% Date: 07/21/2012

    Spent a fair bit on many other sites despite the discounts on Rabbits Reviews
    This site is excellent, mostly all amateur and there is tons of content of very nice couples doing the deed. The only down side is that nothing is in HD
    The movies are short but some are very hot withvrampant young couples in their own bedrooms getting really worked up
    This site is updated about three times a week and is recommended if you prefer the real thing