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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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My mother used to always warn me against getting a motorcycle. She even tried to frighten me into not getting one by telling me stories about how my father and uncle had awful accidents while riding bikes of their own. I always assumed she did it because she thought motorcycles were dangerous, but now I'm thinking that she just wanted to keep me away from the drinking and debauchery that goes down at US Biker Parties.

Having now visited the USBikerParties site, there's nothing my mother could say to keep me away from the wild events they have. The site brings you about a decade's worth of partying and that means there are lots of videos and photos to keep busy with. They feature things like wet T-shirt contests, body painting, bubble-bath wrestling and chicks getting wild and crazy with alcohol.

The website organizes its content by year, but it could certainly do a better job of presenting it. You can't really view the videos or photos separately (except for the user-submitted material) and you can't search for specific kinds of content, so you're pretty much left to look around and hope that something catches your eye. It's not the end of the world, but there is room for improvement.

The way in which things are set up makes it a little hard to count everything, but it looks to me like there are 262 videos and 544 photo sets. The material is said to be exclusive and the quality is often quite good. I should mention, however, that the older content isn't always that impressive. The flicks can be downloaded as Windows Media files that offer average-quality playback at best, but at least you'll find some high-res pics.

The website continues to update once every week or two. With so much to see, you probably won't get bored between updates, but there are extras on hand to help you out. They consist of additional movies and pictures that depict wild happenings at other biker parties. There's footage and photos from Mardi Gras celebrations as well.

Joining US Biker Parties is the best way to enjoy a biker party short of actually going to one. The website could improve in a few areas, but it's got a lot to offer and it's very affordable, so getting a membership is worthwhile.

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