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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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I must say that Young Latino Studz has Latin amateurs who are a bit different from what I've generally seen before. There are usually just a few kinds of Latinos in gay porn: slim twinks, bodybuilders or so-called "thugs" on gangsta-style sites. Here you'll see boys with bods that are slim enough. Some look a bit athletic, yet they have a natural-looking tone rather than appearing like they're extremely hard-bodied jocks. They all seem sweet, not street.

Personally, I find the guys on YoungLatinoStudz more appealing, because I generally find amateurs more relatable than the gay pornstars who look like they're pressed out of shiny plastic or chiseled from stone. Some of the guys are straight, but that isn't something that is overemphasized here. There's more of a feeling of that luscious Latin sensuality than the full-on in-your-face machismo sometimes expressed by Latin men.

You can download 91 videos, including some that offer excellent-quality playback when downloaded as Windows Media files. The flicks can be saved as MP4s and streamed online as well, though you have to let the streams fully buffer before you can fast-forward them.

You can also download 80 photo sets in Zip files and view them in an automatic slideshow. They seem to mix vid caps among their otherwise high-res pics (click on the center of the embedded display to see the full-sized versions). The action is a mix of solo and mutual masturbation along with handjobs, blowjobs and anal sex.

One of my favorite scenes shows a hookup between Freddy Vega and Christian Mohr. They don't actually fuck, but there's lots of sucking, ass rimming and fingering, some passionate kissing, loads of rubbing against each other and naked dry humping. The fact that they don't just go through the standard blowjob followed by anal penetration makes the scene more intense.

You get access to lots of video feeds and 10 other CJ XXX sites, including Workin Men, Brazilian Studz and Defiant Boyz. Some of the other sites don't seem to be growing. This one isn't growing either, as it has instead been rotating its content since at least the spring of 2013.

I am in love with some of the guys, because they're attractive without being so perfect that they don't seem real. Young Latino Studz has some issues, but gives you sweet Latino fucking. Seeing what it's got so far has left little room in my pants for my own personal growth, if you know what I mean.


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