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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Trannies Fuck actually represents the merging of three sites into one. You will see tranny-on-tranny action, shemales fucking males and men penetrating the butts of shemales. You won't see these exclusive scenes anywhere else and you'll be quite happy with the quantity and rather thrilled with the quality.

You'll find 286 videos on TranniesFuck. They are downloadable as Windows Media files that come in medium and high-quality versions in addition to an option that gives you high-def playback. You can stream them in an embedded player too and in some cases you'll find MP4s for portable devices. You also can sometimes download a clip for some of them that focuses on just the explosive climax.

The scenes come from Brazil and we all know that Brazilian shemales are some of the hottest in the world. You'll see some great tits and asses, not to mention some sizable cocks. I love the mix of different couples. For example, Tgirl-on-Tgirl action for me spells lesbian sexual satisfaction with a twist, because it doesn't leave the cock out.

It always seems very natural for me to imagine being with a woman who comes equipped in a way that a biological female doesn't. I mean, yes, I can dream of fucking a tranny's tight ass, but why would I pass up the chance to have her return the favor by reaming my own butt? A strapon just isn't the same as a real cock.

You will also find 237 sets of high-res images to download in Zip files. Not all the vids come with pics, although my favorite bareback tranny scene does and a good number of the interracial shoots do as well. These are rather standard sex scenes often shot in a hotel, but the lighting is good, so the pictures have a professional and glamorous appeal.

The site seems to be updating once every week these days. It would be nice if it were updating more often, but you're still getting a good number of unique movies and photo spreads that are presented in impressive formats. So you're still getting your money's worth.

To make sure you don't miss any content, be sure to use the search engine and leave all the standard and more advanced options blank, then select either movies or photos as your only search criteria. You can browse by updates, but you won't find all of the scenes that way. At any rate, Trannies Fucks is worth checking out.


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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 75% Date: 02/20/2015

    Fairly typical - a limited range of stereotype poses, some unrealistic dialogue and "acting", too close close-ups (we are watching people, not buying meat), unnatural assymetrical fucking (nobody who does it for pleasure fucks with one knee up and one knee down), a reluctance to dwell on moving asses and keep them from disappearing out of the top of the picture, etc, etc, but, if you persevere, there are some gems and most of the transsexuals are convincing enough to have an erotic effect. Of course it's really all a matter of personal taste, but I think the best scenes I have come across so far are "Jessica Ketlen & Gabriela de Carvalho" dated March 2012 and "Agatha Trajano & Leticia de Castro" dated April 2012. One gets the impression that this site, like most porn sites, is a conveyor-belt operation. where the director/cameraman does not bother to stop the action and tell the actors how to do it better. It's all very perfunctory. Still, despite the frequent feeling of "dèja vu" and the irritating subtitles in bad English, there is enough good stuff to make it worth one visit.

    However, be that as it may, the main reason I wanted to write this review was to point out that when I try to reach the site directly via a browser i always get an advert saying that he site is for sale. I have to go to Rabbits Reviews first and proceed from there.