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By: Will Peters
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Nude Male comes out of Montreal, Canada's second largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. If you're unfamiliar with French Canadian men, let me tell you that they are very hot. Obviously these dudes are the cream of the crop, because they're making a living by taking all their clothes off. And when I say "all" I mean the whole kit and caboodle. Montreal's strippers leave little to the imagination. is an interesting concept, because it combines two nightly live feeds, one on stage and one backstage in the jerk-off room, with archives of recorded shows and special vids made by some of the models for the site. In all, you'll find 564 videos to watch while waiting for the live shows that run from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. EST. They also play the previous evening's performance on a loop during the period prior to the next show.

None of the vids can be downloaded, but they stream in MP4 format, which, like the Flash feeds coming from on and offstage, look average at best. You'll get quite an eyeful though. Dancers stroke their dicks beforehand, so that they have full or at least semi-erect cocks onstage. Many are very hung and uncut. There are shower shows and even some simulated sex acts.

You will also find 12 "dancer's movies" that are shot with a plot, better lighting and money shots. They're not all-out hardcore scenes, but there's lots of sensuous touching, massage and mutual masturbation that's more intense than what they can show in a live performance. I actually saw one guy blow another dude, although there was no cumshot shown. Pics from these scenes also make up over half of the 23 photo sets offered.

An archive of dancers doing live shows while jerking off for the camera is super hot, because the 88 videos are shot in studio. Some look quite decent, are longer than most of the other scenes and end in money shots. I also like how some hunks show off tight assholes by spreading their muscled butt cheeks. You will also see interviews done by a hand puppet in the "Tiger News" section. You can see some behind-the-scenes vids to know what goes on inside the DJ booth and other areas of Montreal's Stock Bar.

All in all, Nude Male has average-looking streams and recorded footage, but this is a unique experience worth exploring.

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