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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Do you ever find yourself wishing that your parents would warm up to your partner a little more? If so, visiting Meet My Sweet might just make you reconsider. In fact, it might even make you thankful that your parents haven't taken a liking to your current lover.

On MeetMySweet, guys introduce their girlfriends to their families and things don't go quite as planned. The mothers and fathers take an immediate shine to the hotties and they all hit it off so well that they decide to team up and fuck. Many of the boyfriends are horrified by what transpires and some of them drink themselves silly just so they can cope with it. Who can blame them, though? I know I'd hit the bottle if I ever walked in on my parents double-teaming my girlfriend.

The 10 videos are all scripted. Scene descriptions and they're handy to have because none of the dialogue in the movies is in English and no subtitles are provided. Once you know what the plots are about, it's easy enough to figure out what's going on in the scenes and there's definitely no need for a translator once the sex starts.

The vids can all be viewed right on the site, as each one of them can be watched in an embedded Flash player. There are also several download options available to you like MPEGs, MP4s and even Full HD Windows Media files.

The 10 photo galleries are comprised of high-res images that allow you to enjoy the fucking from the films all over again and they take you through the action almost frame by frame. You can save these in Zip files.

As you can tell, the website is small. That said, it doesn't look like it's going to be growing all that fast going forward. Sadly, it appears as though the site will only be updating once a month. That's really unfortunate, but on the bright side, there are extra movies and two bonus sites to keep busy with, including My Bros GF and Rage Story.

If not for its size and its update schedule, Meet My Sweet would be easy to recommend. There's some great action on the site and the content is spectacular, but you'll want to hold off on getting a membership until there's more to be enjoyed.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 10% Date: 01/17/2016

    Pros, Some hot stars like Adele Sunshine, Kitty Jane, etc but all going under different names.
    Good size pic sets, the movies are pretty good & bonus sites.
    Cons, You start with about 12 movies on each site & then 1 gets added about every week or 2. (total of 18-21 on each site. 1 gets added & the 1st one drops off) but the monthly price is to high to pay for very little content. Also, if you cancel you membership then re-join in a couple of months to see the updates, You Don't! You go back to the start (like a ladder) with the first 12 movies. & you lose the bonus sites.
    Most movies aren't in English (if you care)
    Had trouble downloading some movies & Customer Support. What Customer Support?
    Content isn't exclusive. You can find nearly every movie on torrents, or the cut down version, on tube sites, with pretty much shows you, all you need to see from each movie.