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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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The site is called Enema Wizard Video. It kind of sounds like a video game, doesn't it? I'll be the Enema Wizard and you're my enemy. We have to fight each other with big rubber tubes. Defeat me and you'll get to rule the Colon Kingdom. Okay, so that's not the premise of the website. What you'll actually see are babes getting enemas and some are getting their rears cleansed with more than just water.

Now, it's not just enema after enema on EnemaWizardVideo. There are blowjobs as well as sex, bondage, WAM, spanking and wax play. While many of the gals aren't tied up while being filled with water, I did get a sense that it was being done "against their will" at times. A few even got the straightjacket treatment. The flicks are quite long and each one will give you something a little different besides an enema. The description of each will tell you what you can expect.

Navigating the site is a little headspinning. There are lots of different fonts and you have to do a lot of scrolling at times, but you can get to the main collection if you click on "all movies." You can then search by video/photo update or just by film. There are a total of 48 videos that you can save in Windows Media clips (there isn't a full-length download option) and the playback is good.

Some of the enemas are given by a long-haired man, but there are some chick-on-chick scenes as well. Sometimes two enemas are carried out at a time and some of the scenes have a reality twist, like when a babe gets taken home by her date only to be hogtied, paddled, clamped, made to cum with a Magic Wand and given an enema. She has to pee on the floor and suck cock too.

There are also 189 photo sets and this number is high because some scenes have multiple galleries (while others don't have any at all). The numerous galleries all house quite a lot of medium-res pics. This is also where the navigation issues really rear their ugly head as there is no defined photo section. You have to scroll through the updates to find them.

Updates are posted once a week and it looks like you get one clip or a couple of photo sets. There aren't a ton of enema sites out there, so fans of this niche should stop by Enema Wizard Video. Not only are the babes pretty cute, but there's a lot of variety in the scenes too.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 100% Date: 01/18/2015

    Very explicit site with very hardcore content....excellent video work shot by a female videographer...if you like to be grossed out watching a young girl take an enema up her ass and then shit it will be thrilled with this site to no end..