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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I've reviewed lots of mobile sites, but Adult Video Link Mobile is the first VOD one that I have seen. At least I think it's the first VOD one I've seen (like I said, I've reviewed lots of them).

The first thing I noticed upon signing into AdultVideoLinkMobile was how busy it looked. Most mobile sites are very simple and clean, but this one had lots of menus and menu items and various filters and such. The good news is that the actual navigation once I got to surfing around was pretty simple.

For those of you unfamiliar with VOD, I shall give you a quick explanation of how it works. VOD stands for "video on demand," which means you only pay for what you watch. So rather than getting a monthly membership, you purchase packages of minutes and can stream any of the videos whenever you want as long as you have minutes remaining.

Like many mobile sites, this one also has a non-mobile counterpart and in this case your streaming minutes are good on both. So if you are out and want to stream some porn, you can do so on your smartphone/portable device, but when you get home you can boot up your computer and enjoy the action on the bigger screen. But how much action is there to enjoy, you ask?

This collection brings you 8,170 DVDs and each one is split into four to six scenes (a scene might also be further split into a couple of clips). So that bring you about 41,000 videos to watch and they look goodfor the most part. They are updating daily with multiple DVDs. There aren't any photo sets, but that is very standard on VOD sites.

The various packages are well priced and depending on how much porn you are going to watch and how often you plan on watching it, Adult Video Link Mobile could be a great choice for you. They also offer a 3-day rental option for a fixed price, allowing you to watch a particular movie as much as you can in that time period, as well as adding "stream forever" with access that never expires.

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