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Updated on: 02/20/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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Since we last visited BaitBus...

  • The website hasn't posted anything new since January 2014.
  • The design of the site has changed slightly, but it remains easy to navigate.
  • The movies no longer come in parts and they removed the Windows Media files and the keyword tags.

Full Review

Ever wondered what it would take to snag that hot straight guy you've been looking at for weeks? There's an answer on Bait Bus, where devious guys and gals seduce straight guys by luring them into a van with the promise of pussy and then springing the big surprise on them - a dude's mouth and lubed-up butt! From the guys who invented Bang Bus comes their man-on-man version.

The site's 340 videos can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in a few MP4 formats (they removed the Windows Media files). Many of these full-length movies (the clips were removed too) are made available in an HD format. You can save your favorites and rate them, but you no longer get keyword tags. All these changes were done when they redesigned the site.

Only some of the BaitBus videos come with pics, giving you about 60 photo galleries. Despite some of the Zip folders being well over a gigabyte in size, the best sets still only have medium-res images. There are vid caps for every scene, too.

So here's the plan, folks. Find a cute fellow, lure him onto a van with the promise of having sex with a gorgeous female accomplice. Then, while the victim is blindfolded, a horny gay guy starts to blow him. The straight dude is then shown who's actually been blowing his meat and after the usual protests, he calms down and is promised some easy cash if he pounds the gay dude's ass with his surprisingly hard cock.

Instead of cash, sometimes he's promised pussy once he's done banging the gay guy, but after blowing his load he's never in the mood to follow through. That, or they stop to let him and the babe off to fuck in private, but they drive off as soon as the guy steps out of the van first.

I'll be frank. I don't always buy it when sites show straights turning gay, but in some of these scenes, the studs are believably in need of some serious turning to get them to screw another man's ass. Bait Bus is a classic in my books. You should know, though, that the website hasn't updated since January 2014 and there aren't any other sites included with your membership.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: DJones

    Score: 20% Date: 05/09/2011

    I thought this website was complete rip off as well. The trial only allows you to view pictures. WHO PAYS FOR PICTURES NOW!? In order to view the videos you have to pay additional. Most of these dudes on here are not straight, they are gay and only acting to be straight. The clips look hot, but I thought I was completely ripped off on the trail. There are far too many websites that will give you a decent trail and full access to the website without paying additional prices. Castro may seem like a straight thug, but he's probably just out of his contract with Flavamen (black gay website) and being worshiped by white bottoms now. Don't waste your money on this, look for other websites.

  • Comment by: Andres Cartagena

    Score: 3% Date: 12/18/2010 is a completly rip of. I cannot say that is a good and entertein videos but everything is a montage for internet. All "victims" are gays recognized, just take the full name of one of them and have look into google you will see it. Also, in all interview never the surname is asked, and on the website this information is shown?? I just paid for one month suscribtion.

  • Comment by: Jada

    Score: 40% Date: 05/28/2010

    Pros: Some of the girls look nice
    Cons: The Gay guys look nasty and trashy. No wonder the guys looked "shocked" when they saw them on close up. And the "Str8" guys are blatantly gay. Have the likes of Castro and other pornstars on here. It would be nice if it was actually real and the men where straight.

  • Comment by: Maverick Ashley Lenartson

    Score: 100% Date: 03/04/2010

    Though it may be a little bit of trickery (yeah right!!!), turn the camera off, turn the camera off!!! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

    I like the IDEA but what is one to do when they are getting paid for their services? Just what is one to do???

    I only want to know how much these guys really got paid to do this kind of work???

    I ought to get tinted windows and do the BAIT TRUCK!!! It will really make people think...

    Have A Great Day in Paradise...This is Paradise??? I want a frikin' refund!!!

    What I don't like about the Bait Bus??? It is still trickery if you really think about it...