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Updated on: 03/29/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1401
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Since we last visited MrsSiren...

  • There are eight more videos, but 69 fewer photo sets, so they must've removed some content during the redesign.

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Mrs Siren is a bubbly, blonde MILF who's quite the tomcat. On her official site you get to follow her as she gets into a number of sexual adventures. Masturbation, gangbangs, public sex, lesbian sex, interracial sex and much more are all on display, as well as her cool demeanor and quirky humor.

MrsSiren is a woman who gets damp. Case in point, one scene has her hanging out in the park wearing tight jeans. The weather and her mood make her horny beyond belief, so much so that her jeans get so wet in the front and back that you'd swear she had an accident. She seems to be a woman who's constantly horny and it makes for a fun site.

In the 199 videos you can tell that she tries to mix it up as much as possible. The one thing connecting it all together is her incredible lust for orgasms. She's a woman who comes alive while having sex, that's for sure. If you like performers who moan, grunt, yell and become as vocal as possible, you'll love this woman.

For viewing options, you can stream the scenes in an embedded player, as well as download them in clips and as full-length flicks. It turns out that most of the movies can be downloaded in HD MP4s. Lower-quality MP4s are sometimes offered as well and they work well with mobile devices.

Most of the pictures in the 150 photo sets were taken at the same time as the videos, but there are also some standalone galleries. One of the great things about the photos is that many get superclose. Without getting too graphic, let's just say that many of this MILF's male suitors find her to be a very tight fit and you get to see that in many of the images. There are around 100 high-res photos per set and you can download them in Zip files.

A new video gets posted once or twice a week and sometimes a photo set is added too, but this site hasn't grown much in the video department since our last visit and there are much fewer photo sets. I guess they removed some of them during the redesign, which looks great by the way. The site's more modern and provides all the user conveniences you could want, like an advanced search, tags, ratings, comments, favorites and sorting options.

Overall, you'll really enjoy hanging out with Mrs Siren and her site will provide months of enjoyment. Note that there's a download limit of 2GB per day, though, which is also the case on the other Siren XXX Studios sites that come with your membership.


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  • Comment by: SirenXXXStudios

    Score: 100% Date: 01/27/2015

    My comment is toward Steve. He joined right after we moved over to our new network. At the time we only had one bonus site and he's right, the other sites he was expecting were gone. Since then we've added more sites and keep growing. We also brought downloads back. Our initial goal of stopping theft failed. It was only hurting our members that have legit reasons for downloading our videos. We're only getting bigger and better.

  • Comment by: steve

    Score: 40% Date: 07/10/2014

    Dee has her own "Network" now. It contains her site and 1 more (2nd site only has 6 scenes}. not much of a network in my opinion. All bonus sites shown above are no longer included. Three days ago they also took away the download option, even though I purchased a membership with a download option. There is no mention of any changes on the website. Who knows what changes could still be coming. Buyer beware, I won't join again.