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Tainster Video

Money Back Guarantee
If you're not completely satisfied within three days of joining this site, email us and we'll ensure that you get your money back! (Note: Does not apply to accepted cross sales.)

Tainster aims to be an all-in-one porn community where members can post their own pics and send messages to one another in addition to being supplied with an overwhelming amount of diverse porn. There is so much to see and do on this site that it's difficult to know where to begin. The first place would probably be the sites.

There are 21 sites on Tainster. They include very hot orgy action from the likes of Party Hardcore and Drunk Sex Orgy, but you will also find very original porn with dildos and loads of fake cum on Slime Wave. And don't forget to satisfy all your golden-shower desires on multiple sites, including Pissing In Action.

It's all laid out in a fairly simple format, making it easy to browse and find what you like. You can look through page after page of content or you can select a specific site from the drop-down menu and just focus in on that for a bit. There are large thumbnails representing each scene and you can also see the rating given to it by other members - in case you want to take their word for it as a way of determining which ones to watch.

In all, you're looking at roughly 3,180 videos. It looks like there are more than that, because many are split into parts. New movies get added to the website very often. It's not every day, but you sometimes get a few updates at a time. There have been more than 30 in the last month alone (I am only counting full-length flicks).

The videos can be streamed and downloaded in MP4 files. Downloading gives you three options. For the older films the highest option is good, but many movies offer a stunning Full HD format. The average scene is 20 minutes long, although some sites have ones that can run for an hour or two (generally these come from the large orgy sites).

There are sets of pictures to go along with every video, but you should know that you sometimes get vids caps instead, so there's around 3,030 pic sets. You'll be happy to know that the images usually look quite good and can be downloaded in Zip files.

You get a member profile and can access a community full of other members. Now, of course the value in this comes down to your ability to connect with others and their activity levels. It can be hit or miss. You can also check out live shows and a membership comes with 30 free minutes.

Tainster is an amusement park of porn that will delight you for months to come. With very frequent updates, gorgeous babes and lots of high-quality hardcore material, the network is definitely worth joining. If you're still on the fence, though, consider taking a look at Ero Streaming. It offers all the same videos at a lower price, with the catch being that they can only be streamed.

Number of Reviews: 79
Average Score: 65.7

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User Rating: 58/100 (total: 13 comments)
  • Comment by: Walt - Score: 100/100 - Date: 1/10/2014
    After contacting Tainster and getting no reply, I took Rabbits up on their offer and they came through - charge reversed (minus a couple cents for the exchange rate).

    I am impressed BIG TIME with this level of customer service in a time when most companies seem to be forgetting that it's the customers who actually pay the salaries and bills.

    Thank you Rabbits!!!

    I also see the price above has been amended to be closer to the actual charge (although it looks like it's still actually Euro based, so it will fluctuate a bit from day to day).

    I do still have a problem with Tainster not showing the currency symbol on their join page. I get that it's a European site - a lot of the models don't speak English in the videos. But if you put up a website entirely in English you've got to expect some US customers. It can't be that hard to put the Euro sign in front of the numbers. But that's not Rabbit's problem, that's a problem entirely with Tainster.

    If you know the price going in, the site may be worth it to you. I'm not going to knock the content - they have a bunch of it (the archives don't go all the way back to some of the very early Orgymax stuff, which is a shame) that isn't the "same scene different actress" you see over and over on some sites.

    Two big thumbs up to Rabbit's on this one.
  • Comment by: Walt - Score: 85/100 - Date: 1/3/2014
    I joined this website from the discounted link above only to be charged over $27 as the price is apparently in Euros (they leave the currency sign off on the join page).

    I now see that several other posters have pointed this out to you, yet you still have not changed the pricing information at the top of this page. I'm not sure who I'm more upset with - them for not specifying the currency, or This website (Rabbit's) who is still showing a wrong currency after having been notified several times.

    If I can't trust something as basic as this from your website - what can I trust to be accurate?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/07/2014): Hi, Walt. We're terribly sorry about the mix-up. If you wish to use the Trusted Partner Guarantee, contact us and we'll get your membership cancelled and refunded.
  • Comment by: JJ - Score: 10/100 - Date: 12/11/2013
    Hello, I contacted you by email a week ago, I am hoping you can help. I thought I was getting access to the full network of sites, but after signing up, I was only allowed access to the site I signed up through (and not all of that content either), and all other content on the network are PPV only.

    This seems like a bait and switch by the site operators.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/12/2013): Hi, JJ. I haven't received an email this week regarding Tainster. Contact by one of the methods above and we'll look into it.
  • Comment by: Badboy - Score: 1/100 - Date: 11/3/2013
    Ordered the site on Nov 2, 2013, Rabbit Review is in error as they took my money and only gave access to Spunk Party (17 movies) and Slime(site of no interest to me) no other sites!! All other sites are Pay Per View!!! Total Rip off and site will not respond to my e-mails and repeated attempts!! Contacted payment service and they cannot help!! I thought Rabbit reviews were better than this in helping filter out rip off sites.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/04/2013): Hi, Badboy. You didn't leave an email, so we can't contact you. Reach out by one of the methods above and we'll look into this for you.
  • Comment by: Divr - Score: 70/100 - Date: 10/17/2013
    How do you take a megasite comprised of websites you primarily rate in the 70s and give the megasite a rating of 88????
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/18/2013): Hi, Divr. When we review a mega-site, we look at everything across ALL of the sites in the network as ONE site. This can mean more frequent updates and a much higher amount of content. These things lead to more points, therefore a higher Rabbit Score.
  • Comment by: Jimmy - Score: 80/100 - Date: 8/24/2013
    Your site says discount rate of $24.99 but actually it is in Euros that comes to about $33.
  • Comment by: Worst Customer Service - Score: 1/100 - Date: 6/13/2013
    I signed up for a monthly subscription on May, 22 2013 and guess what? Till today, I am STILL unable to download a single video to view from this site. I send them 3 support related questions to help me and they only replied me once saying that I could be using proxy to access their site. I replied them back that I never use Proxy to download from their site and have no issues with other sites.

    It's almost 10 days and still no reply from them. If rabbitreviews want evidence or proof, I can send it to you. I wish I can have my money back. This site is really a Rip-off in my opinion and the worst customer service ever. I feel like calling up my credit card company to warn about this site. Do not waste your money on this site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/13/2013): I sent you an email.
  • Comment by: Pangolin123 - Score: 1/100 - Date: 5/28/2013
    Extremely disappointed with this site. Their highly secured system doesn't allowed me to download any of the videos to prevent fraudulent downloads.But, I paid for a genuine membership and it still prevents me from downloading. I send 2 e-mails to support and I am yet to hear from them. Stay away.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:05/28/2013): Thanks for the comment. We spoke to Tainster and they want to help you solve the problem. Contact us by any of the methods above and we'll put you in touch with them.
  • Comment by: pluis - Score: 95/100 - Date: 3/25/2013
    good quality porn in high resolution. If you like girls in stunning lingerie, stockings and sexy clothes, this is your site. They used to have myfetish which has not been updatend for a while, pitty.
  • Comment by: Mark - Score: 60/100 - Date: 10/1/2012
    Used to pay € 30 per month for this site & if you liked group sex, it was stunning! Completely addictive! Now it’s cheaper & full of repeats.
    Partyhardcore – just started repeats.
    Drunksexorgy – One new party & then a repeat.
    Madsexparty - All repeats
    Messywrestling – given up.
    Tainster seem to be chasing ratings on review sites. Good value, so large site with lots of good updates equals high rating. To fans of this site for many years all they see is more repeats than brand new stuff. A complete con
    First Visit – love group sex an absolute must!
    Returning – be prepared to be very disappointed!
  • Comment by: Boatman - Score: 80/100 - Date: 5/12/2012
    The quality and resolution of the movies on this site is fantastic. The sex scenes are well-made and imaginative. However if you like porn where the girls unfailingly get their clothes off this site isn't for you. The girls in most of the scenes remain clothed but if you like watching pissing, sex parties, groups, threesomes, lesbians, AND girls messing each other up with paint, cream etc., you will love this. The women are absolute supermodels as well - incredible! Good streaming and quick, easy downloads.
  • Comment by: NightBird - Score: 70/100 - Date: 11/3/2011
    Good Hardcore, some very unhygienic, but I have not received resolution to technical problem for 10 days.
    Customer support replies after 3/4 days.

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/4/2011): If you need a hand, we can maybe help things along. Drop us an email if so.
  • Comment by: Willem - Score: 99/100 - Date: 5/27/2011
    I am glad that Tainster is back to a regular paysite and not a VOD system anymore. I hated when you had to pay for every single movie.
    Now it is back to normal, I took a new membership. This content really rocks!
 Discount $27.00/30 days (Reg. $34.00 )
 Discount $75.00/90 days (Reg. $89.00 )
 Discount $137.00/180 days (Reg. $150.00 )
Cross Sales: No
Pic sets: 3030+ Pics per set: 125 Zip sets: Yes
Pic Res: 1600x1200 High Res: Yes
Number of movies: 3180+ HD Porn: Yes Streaming: Yes
Average Length: 20 mins Full length videos: Yes Download Limits: No
Video Formats: MP4 (1920x1080; 7140k)
MP4 (960x540; 2070k; streaming)
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Independent Biller(s): VXS Billing, Epoch
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Pros & Cons
pros -many Full HD videos
-very frequent updates
-easy to navigate
cons -no advanced search
-can't post comments
-only MP4 files
Main Category: Mega Site Porn
Updated on: 9/16/2014 09/16/2014- Stays at 89. -Will
01/11/2014- From 88 to 89: Price improved. -Chris
03/28/2013- Stays at 88. -Chris
01/06/2013- From 87 to 88: More content. -April
02/25/2012- From 85 to 87: More content and scores adjusted to new criteria. -A.K.
11/02/2011- From 80 to 85: Scores adjusted to new criteria. -Chris
- Initial review: 4/27/2011
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