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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Browsing the list of sites that I had been assigned to review, my eyes fell upon the name Suckin Stuff and my first thoughts were, "Wow! Someone not only went and made a porn parody of H.R. Pufnstuf, but also devoted an entire website to it. That's crazy!" Unsurprisingly, I was completely wrong about what the site has to offer.

As it turns out, SuckinStuff has nothing to do with a trippy television show from the '70s. Instead, it's all about hot babes who suck on stuff. Really, the name of the site is meant to be taken in the most literal sense. You can see chicks sucking on things like glass dildos, hot dogs, lollipops and bananas. There is no dick sucking, though, so don't get excited expecting to see some.

The site's got a decent design and it's easy enough to get around. Its videos are spread out across several pages, so all you need to do is click from page to page and do a little scrolling until you find a scene that catches your eye. Finding one that looks appealing shouldn't be too hard, though with only 38 movies, there isn't an overwhelming number to check out.

The videos run anywhere between four and 17 minutes, but the majority of them are less than 10 minutes long. In the relatively short amount of time that the babes are on screen, they suck on their object of choice, get naked and show off their hot bodies. The women usually appear alone, but one scene features a couple of hotties performing together.

By the way, the only sound you'll hear in the videos is the sound of music, so you're out of luck if you were hoping to hear slurping while the chicks do their sucking. The majority of the movies come in a couple of Windows Media formats, the best of which offers great-quality playback. The older movies aren't quite as impressive, but they still look good.

There are four preview images that go along with each video, but that's almost all you get as far as pictures are concerned. That's because there is only photo gallery. It comes with images that aren't all that large. While there aren't many photos to enjoy, there are seven bonus sites to check out, including Boobie Movies and Fetish Soup. They're all part of the Pecker Pass network.

Suckin Stuff is a relatively small site and it's only got six more videos now than it did back in September 2012, so if it is growing, it isn't doing so at a great rate. It does have a somewhat original premise, so it gets points for that. It also gets points for offering  great-quality content. Still, it might only be worth a quick look given its poor rate of growth.

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