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Straight gay porn brings you taboo and forbidden straights go gay action

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Circle Jerk Boys 81/100
As you'd expect, this website is focused on guys jerking off. Some of the dudes get so worked up playing with themselves that they start sucking and riding whatever cocks happen to be closest to them. There are lots of scenes to check out and they're all exclusive. Many are presented in Full HD. The site keeps getting bigger and better, so it's worth joining.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/12/2014
Broke Straight Boys 80/100
These straight boys are so broke that they go gay for pay. They've never put hands on a penis that wasn't their own until these shoots and their asses are so tight that it will hurt when they get penetrated. A good number of them grin and bear it going all the way. Some like it in the end, either way you'll see some of it in HD and it's totally worth joining.
Price: $3.96 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/15/2012
Spunk Worthy 76/100
On this site, straight hunks mostly shoot their spunk in solo shoots, but some let another dude help them out by lubing them up for a messy handjob. You will also see at least one scene in which two guys jerk off side by side. The content is very hot and often great in quality. The website is worth joining and continues to grow with each passing week.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/6/2014
Like Em Straight 76/100
Straight guys seem to be going gay every which way you look, but here the hetero hunks seem genuinely straight unlike some of the gay-for-pay players you see on other websites. Some guys just jerk off alone, while others mutually masturbate. Braver repeat offenders go in for some blowjobs and even bareback sex. Some guys though only put their dick in a chick.
Price: $14.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/7/2013
Straight Rent Boys 75/100
These straight escorts are willing to go gay-for-pay. It's often just agreeing to some mutual masturbation with another dude, but in some cases the action is a lot more hardcore. We're not only talking handjobs and blowjobs, but also anal sex. You'll see tight holes filled with throbbing poles for the first time ever as handsome butt-virgins get deflowered.
Price: $1.96 - Period: 2 days
Date: 3/15/2014
Mr Man 75/100
Drool over sculpted butts and hard chests. Zero in on thick bulges in thongs or sinewy thighs in tight jeans. This male-celeb site has all the sexy movie and TV performers you're looking for and they're all either nude or not wearing much. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy and Mark Whalberg are just a few names you'll find here.
Special Price: $20.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 12/27/2013
Bait Bus 74/100
These hot straight dudes are seduced onto a bus by a babe who they think is going to lick their pole. Once blindfolded, these studs can't tell the difference between a babe's or a gay dude's mouth around their cock. Once they realize it, they are offered some cash to fuck the dude. Fun concept, HD vids and a good amount of content make this a great site.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/14/2014
Gemini Men 73/100
The main focus of this hot site is on straight men doing some posing and masturbating. However, there are also some hardcore sex scenes in the mix. The fellas are often very good-looking hunks. Mutual masturbation, dildos, anal sex and blowjobs make up a lot of the hardcore action. You'll even get to see some skin-to-skin barebacking if you look hard enough.
Price: $5.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/22/2013
Straight Naked Thugs 72/100
Is there a skater boy out there who you fantasize about seeing nude? Maybe it's a surfer dude who makes your dick leak lube or is it just some tattooed young bad ass who floats your boat? If you dream of seeing straight guys cream in your face then you've come to the right place, because here they masturbate and sometimes give one another blowjobs.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 5/15/2014
Str8 To Gay 72/100
They may claim they would never swing that way, but their gay buddies are just too good at convincing them to try new things. So horny heterosexual hunks end up letting their gay pals suck their cocks and are even convinced to not only to fuck some sweet gay ass, but also to take a throbbing gay cock up their virgin straight butts. And they end up loving it!
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 2/14/2014
Str8 Hell 72/100
Straight guys are dominated by other sexy dudes and some ladies. If you like to see smooth, muscular jocks tied up, whipped, tickled, spanked and forcibly jerked off, then you should be pretty happy here. You can also check out CFNM action where women keep their clothes on while nude men are presented to them. They tease them and make fun of their nakedness.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/7/2014
CMNM 70/100
Pro athletes need cash to cover their living expenses and gym memberships if they want to focus on training. That's where these powerful investors come in, who are only willing to give away their cash if they know he is fit and submissive. This calls for an on-the-spot health exam, including full nudity, handjobs and butt fucking. There's army hazing, too.
Price: $39.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 12/2/2013
My Straight Buddy 70/100
Do straight guys turn you on? How about military men? If you answered "yes" then you should appreciate the hot content here. It shows average dudes with shaved heads and tattoos hanging out. What they all have in common is that they are marines or were marines. The horny soldiers get naked, masturbate and sometimes receive a blowjob or have straight sex.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/4/2013
Bait Buddies 70/100
Straight guys claim that they only like chicks, but they sometimes let their dicks get sucked and even stick their hard poles into some tight manholes. Sometimes the hetero studs are promised the chance to do it with some pussy on camera, but then the babe either sits on the sidelines or doesn't show up at all, so the horny men do their male costars instead.
Price: $14.50 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/3/2013
Military Classified 70/100
Stand up and salute these hot military men. Actually, you can sit and "salute" them just as well. The "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the military extends to videos of hot dudes revealing their secret to their superiors with orgasmic results. The price is a bit high, but there's plenty to enjoy and it has a unique XXX premise. Your orders are to join now!
Price: $4.95 - Period: 2 days
Date: 11/25/2012
Str8 Boyz Seduced 69/100
These hetero diamonds in the buff polish their knobs for us or get their rough edges rubbed off by another dude. His name is Vinnie and he knows how to charm the pants of any tough guy. He even convinces some of them to let him drill bareback into that virgin hole buried behind their family jewels. He turns men from prison or the military into seminal gems.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/2/2014
Broke And Horny 69/100
Straight guys hold a special appeal for many gays and they love the idea of converting one. I'm not really sure if all these fellows are really just gay-for-pay hunks, but many scenes are solo, so it's hard to tell. The shoots with gay oral and anal sex usually feature slightly more masculine men. There are some hairy studs, built jocks and smug-looking guys.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/10/2013
Gays Fuck Guys 68/100
If you've ever dreamt of turning your best buddy gay or sucking that cute coworker's cock, this site is sure to please. You'll see some steamy stories of gays seducing and fucking inexperienced guys for the first time. To live that all over again through someone else's eyes is incredibly hot and an experience that many may only dare to enjoy vicariously here.
Price: $7.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/7/2014
Rate These Guys 68/100
I see gay sites with "straight" guys often, but these Brit amateurs are the real deal. Although they do things like stick objects up their bums to win high ratings, they do it shyly and on the sly. You can tell when they talk about themselves that they really prefer chicks to dicks, so it is fun to see them masturbate while on the phone with a hetero pal.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/5/2013
Buzz West 68/100
Straight guys are seduced at least by the lens on this exclusive website. In the end, Buzz has managed to find quite a few bi-curious hunks to take the plunge and have sex with another guy on camera. He even found a couple of buddies who wanted to do a bareback scene for him. There are many solo scenes as well. All these amateurs are super hot to boot.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/2/2013
Unglory Hole 67/100
Be careful where you stick your dick. You might see a chick through that gloryhole, but once it's your cock and your eyes penetrating the opening, a dude could step in and suck you off. That's exactly what we get to see here. Horny straight hunks getting head and spewing their spunk, all thanks to a skilled gay cocksucker's mouth. They never know the truth.
Price: $4.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 7/7/2014
Male Celebrities 67/100
If you're a fan of famous men and would like to see these male celebs naked, then this site might just work for you. It has tons of celebrities from TV, films, music and sports. Not all of the fellows have nude content, though. Still, almost anyone you can think of has been listed on the site, so you'll find some sexy pics and hot clips of the stars you love.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/23/2014
Desperate Straight Guys 67/100
What's a straight guy supposed to do when he's down on his luck? How about not only getting nude, but also sucking dick and lubing up their asses to get fucked hard by another dude. That's what you'll see here - hetero hotties in solo and mutual masturbation scenes, giving handjobs and blowjobs and having sex, including nasty threesomes and at least one orgy.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/3/2014
Maskurbate 66/100
Masked studs masturbate or go man-on-man in steamy videos and photos. These sexy guys cover up before getting down and dirty, sometimes going all the way to hardcore bare backing. Besides the pics and flicks, you'll also get storyboards that make the action into a raunchy comic. These men may keep their faces hidden, but they're not hiding their fantasies.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/18/2014
Squirt It 65/100
"Masculine" is a word that you could use to describe these guys whether they're hairy or smooth-skinned. "Hot" is also not a bad way to describe these straight hunks who masturbate or experiment sexually, giving handjobs and/or blowjobs to each other even though they're not gay. If you like jocks, intact pubes and tattoos then these hotties will get you off.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/20/2014
The Full English 65/100
Straight hunks from Britain bring you more than hot bods and rods to ogle. These studs reveal in back-stories and personal interviews interesting details of their personal lives. You won't simply feel as if they're the same old cookie-cutter models that fill so many sites. You'll see a bit of straight sex, but it's mostly hot posing and masturbation.
Price: $27.52 - Period: 30 days
Date: 12/9/2010
Rugger Bugger 64/100
European footballers and rugby players have some super-hot bods and, in many cases, some extra-meaty naughty bits. This website brings you all kinds of hunks from some of Europe's top teams and other more obscure sporting clubs. There are also some hotties from South Africa and Australia. Their thick, muscular thighs and sexy abs will really drive you nuts.
Price: $39.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/9/2014
Military Men Exposed 64/100
Loads of us fantasize about straight guys, especially those who have a manly profession. Here you'll see these very kinds of hunks getting naked and spewing their spunk. There are soldiers and marines who masturbate for the camera, but some are willing to go even further. You'll see them get sucked off or in some cases enjoying intense bareback sex.
Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/25/2012
Famous Dick 63/100
If you enjoy seeing hunky male celebrities when you go to the movies or watch TV, you'll probably enjoy yourself while browsing this site. It brings you nothing but clips featuring famous guys. The men can be seen wearing very little, kissing other dudes, parading around without their shirts on, showing off their asses and sometimes even having some gay sex.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/24/2014
Straight Men In Trouble 62/100
Straight men get their comeuppance in these BDSM scenes. They're tied, gagged and blindfolded and then they often have their clothes ripped off by hand or cut to shreds with scissors. It's surprising how far some of these hetero hunks are willing to go and how some of them get turned on when another man touches them even when he's really manhandling them.
Price: $34.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/9/2012
All American Heroes 61/100
This collection features the hottest military men, policemen and firefighters baring all and getting banged. Check out these cock-hungry studs as they take off their equipment and get down with their fellow servicemen. These guys are present or former cops, lifeguards, marines and lieutenants and they're ready to take your orders and do a full cavity search!
Price: $6.20 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/20/2014
All American Military 61/100
If you like dudes with real manly appeal then you should appreciate these men. Most of the time they don't wear their actual uniforms, but they definitely seem to be guys from the Marine Corps and other branches of the American military. You'll also see other masculine studs, like cowboys. There's solo and mutual masturbation and straight and gay sex.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 5/27/2013
Straight Boys Jerkoff 61/100
All men jerk off, but usually it's in private. Here you can watch straight guys in their natural habitat doing what comes naturally to them. Whether you're bi, gay or just curious, these studs could get you off, but content only looks average. Also this collection doesn't seem to really grow, even though they've added some blowjobs and anal sex into the mix.
Price: $3.96 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/9/2012
Dirty Tony 60/100
This collection proves that "straight" can be a hazy term with lots of hot, hardcore gay action. Tony the charmer cajoles the handsome guys into going bare so they can show off their buff bodies and raunchy sexcapades for the camera. Sometimes the guys stop at stroking their rods to completion, but others go all the way, sucking hard cocks and getting fucked.
Price: $12.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/22/2014
Nude Male Celebs 59/100
Whether your favorite male celebrity is an actor, athlete or musicican, chances are that he appears on this site. It's gone out of its way to gather videos and photos of all the hunky celebs you can think of and now it's sharing them with the rest of us. You can check out sex scenes from films, hot photos from magazines and even pics snapped by the paparazzi.
Special Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/24/2014
STR8 Cams 58/100
Hot musclemen and jocks jerk off live for your pleasure, but the video quality is very low, even though you get a lot of them. These straight guys will turn on many a man and woman with their muscular bods. Watching them pull on their puds while showing off butts, abs and bulging biceps is a treat. Jeff is a great host and there are archived live shows.
Price: $16.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/3/2014
Men In Movies 58/100
You finally get a chance to see all of your favorite celebs in the buff! Prepare to see Hollywood's finest hunks with muscular physiques and chiseled, good looks expose their dicks for the world to see. You'll see a variety of cocks from celebs of various ethnicities. Whether it's a big cock, small cock, thick cock or skinny cock - prepare to see them all!
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 12/13/2013
Straight Cock Lab 58/100
Straight guys experiment with various toys and then masturbate on camera. Some of these dudes also let Brendon, the gay guy behind the site who interviews them before their shoot, help them along with a handjob or even a brief blowjob. There are plenty of gay-for-pay sites with the usual pornstars, but here you'll only see real heterosexual amateur dudes.
Price: $14.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/19/2013
Guy Go Gay 57/100
These hot guys go gay for cash. You'll see varying price tags on these bodies, but they're all hot and totally ready to do any gay act that's required. A lot of them are fresh-faced hotties who are hairless. They might start out a little shy and hesistant sometimes, but they are quickly converted. In the end, those tight assholes and lips fill up fast.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 4/24/2012
Gloryhole Job 56/100
Have you ever been tempted to stick your dick through a glory hole? This collection shows you what happens to anonymous poles stuck through random holes and although the cocksucker servicing those dicks might not be the most attractive guy (not in the traditional sense), the old man sure does know how give amazing blowjobs and milk some cum out of them all.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/19/2013
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Straight gay isn't an oxymoron necessarily. Face it. Almost every guy is a little gay. He might not be up for sucking cock or fucking another dude's ass unless he's serving a life sentence without parole in an all-male prison. However, lots of lads are glad to show off their frat bro good looks or their gym-honed muscles for a few bucks. The macho male ego knows few bounds. Even a hetero enjoys being an exhibitionist for gays in some ways. Pick up a copy of any male magazine and it's filled with homoerotic subtext as it tells us how to build big pecs, better abs or shop for new underwear. Who knows though, once our heterosexual stud is nude, he might be surprised how good another dude sucks his cock even without him turning queer or going gay. Not to say that once his hole is rimmed and filled to the brim with cock he might reconsider swinging both ways. Straights go gay everyday in pics and movies. Thankfully, you don't have to watch straight porn to see masculine straight men.

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