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'Visit 'Bobs Tgirls''
30 days
User reviews:
2.2 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 5
  • 4 stars 2
  • 3 stars 4
  • 2 stars 5
  • 1 stars 9
  • Exclusive content
  • mostly high-def videos
  • easy-to-browse interface
  • dowload limit
  • links don't work on older content
  • pre-checked cross sale

Latest Review Update: Jan 9, 2017

Bob has been an admirer of hot transsexuals for a long time now and he's amassed a large collection of videos and photos of some of the hottest chicks with dicks in the entire world. You can watch them masturbate, wrap their mouths around hard cocks and take some stiff dicks in the ass in lots of high-res pictures and HD videos. This is a worthwhile site.

Ever had a sneaking suspicion that a certain gorgeous girl has something a bit more going on? You may get that feeling from the gals on Bobs Tgirls. They may have been born into different bodies, but they've all been transformed into the hot, sexy women they were always destined to be. 

BobsTgirls has 1,015 videos right now and there are two resolutions available, one in Full HD and another option for mobile devices. There are literally only a few really old videos that are not as high in quality and some of them only comes in clips. Plus I came across some broken links. You can expect updates around four times a week for the movies and five times a week for the photos. The downside is that there is a daily download limit in place, so watch out when you're saving those videos.

They changed the interface since our last visit and the great thing about it is that the site is now fully responsive which means you can enjoy it on both your mobile device as well as your personal computer. They also updated the color scheme and the menu bar and everything looks fresh and clean and well organized. 

The FAQ section has also been updated and you can find it under the Bob's Tgirls Info menu, this is also where you can find Bob's bio. This area also provides you with info on how to get the most out of the new design. There were changes made to the advanced search as well.

One thing to note is that if you were to look up fetishes it will bring up photos or videos with that fetish but all other categories relate to models. Also, the any/all switch on the search page will effect what comes up in your search depending on what you're looking for. 

They did, however, remove a few things like the forum and the blog, but added sorting options and the ability to leave comments. When you visit the "extras" tab, you'll find additional videos and galleries as well as erotic stories. The live cams are still there too, but they'll cost you. There's also a store and Twitter feed.  

You'll see masturbation and some peeing, as well as Tgirls engaging in raunchy sex with other trannies or taking on straight men for a naughty adventure. While searching for transsexual beauties from all over the world, webmaster Bob has archived his finds in a series of exclusive shoots. While some of the models may have shown themselves off on other sites, the actual sets are exclusive to this site.

To date, Bob has found 724 models and you can browse them by name or region (such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Brazil, etc.). Each model's portfolio contains one or more sets of pics, giving you 3,217 photo galleries with sweet high-res images to ogle at. For the most part, the pictures are softcore and show off the girls and their big cocks in nude poses.

If you're the type of person who enjoys having the best of both worlds, so to speak, head on over to Bobs Tgirls, where transsexual beauties reveal all they have to offer in a series of pictures and go the extra mile in hardcore videos where they take straight cocks in their tight asses. This is an extensive collection with some of the finest shemales from around the globe.

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  • Number of movies 1015+
  • HD Porn Yes
  • Streaming Yes
  • Average Length 12 mins
  • Download Limits Daily
  •  (10GB)


  • MP4 (3840x2160; 35000k)
  • M4V (1280x720; 3661k)
  • Windows (1280x720; 3628k)
  • DivX (1280x720; 2499k)
  • MP4 (960x540; 4997k; streaming)


  • Pic Sets 3217+
  • Pics Per Set 100
  • Zip Sets Yes
  • Pic Res 1280x960
  • High Res Yes

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
2.2 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 5
  • 4 stars 2
  • 3 stars 4
  • 2 stars 5
  • 1 stars 9

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Customer Reviews

  • pornufo
    By pornufo on Jun 27, 2018

    Pointless bickering. I don't see how paying customers would have a reason to lie about being dissatisfied. On the other hand I also don't see how company heads are so quick to defend something they claim to be self evident. Not everyone is going to like the same things. That is what makes us all different. At any rate, I know a warning when I see one. Thanks, but I'll pass on investigating this site

  • Ezy
    By Ezy on Dec 04, 2016

    I'd advise people steer clear from this site, unless they want access to the back catalogue. As mentioned in other reviews a single update will oftentimes be split into different elements and listed as separate updates; eg. splitting off the gallery, movie & interview and calling each one an 'update'. The girls featured are often just about a passable at most. When a girl achieves any time of following / fame / popularity then you can expect them to stop appearing on the site in favour of some of the more subscribed to sites - eg., shemaleyum, etc. I think it must be well known by now that grooby productions just divides the girls up by site after the shoots. The bigger, more popular sites get first dibs and then the less subscribed to sites get the hand-me-downs. This being the case Bob's is most assuredly at the back of the queue.

    • Bob.of.Bob's.Tgirls

      You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about. Grooby handles the admin functions of Bob's Tgirls such as billing and promotion. However there are no handoffs of models. I solely choose who I shoot. Of course models will appear on as many sites as will hire them. That is how they make a living. But to say Bob's Tgirls in the back of any queue is incorrect. And yes, if I have a scene that is long, it will be broken into multiple parts. With having a daily update scheme as opposed to weekly or bi-weekly, it has to be that way.

    • GroobySteven

      What an utter crock of rubbish, I think you've a different agenda here rather than reviewing. The girls are pretty much the cream of the US transgender porn models, to state they are 'passable at most' is absolutely incorrect. Grooby often shoots different models for different sites, we put that on the front page of each site, so members can get delivered exactly what they are looking for. Bob shoots all the content for his site, without any regulations from us whatsoever. Don't talk crap - you're clearly just making things up.

    • Ezy

      Wow to think my little review got a reply from 2 of the 'big boys' of grooby - Bob and Steven. The fact that both reply lends credence to what I initially wrote. In terms of BSing - would either of you deny that one set on this particular site was split into 9 updates - 4 'parts' both with video and gallery and a meaningless interview. Additionally, on the point of the models - how is it that as soon as a model starts gaining in popularity they no longer feature on the site? Finally, I would be interested to see how you Steven, justify all your other sites having regular updates which include both gallery and video, yet do not ensure Bob's meets the same standards. Your other sites seem like a LOT greater value proposition.

    • GroobySteven

      @ezy - far from our response lending credence to what you claim, I'm probably one of the few company owners who will engage customers and occasionally refute unfounded statements such as yours. I don't know the set you're talking about but I've never seen one set split into 9 parts on Bobs site. He does split the photographs and videos into separate updates which is unlike most of our sites, but that's is choice to do it that way and the many members who stay with his site for years, seem to be happy with it. Value is based on a) the amount of content uploaded over the 30 day pay period and b) whether it's what a consumer is looking for. has a similar amount of content over the month to many of our sites at the same price - and it would seem that the site does appeal to the majority of members, as they keep coming back. Here is a question for you, where is the basis on the claim we divide the girls up after the shoots (we don't, we have different shooters working on different sites for different styles (and sometimes different pay)), and where is the basis on 'popular' girls stopping appearing on Bobs site? In the past few weeks we've had Jonelle Brooks, Natassia Dreams, Mara Nova, Aubrey Starr, Chanel Santin, Kendall Dreams, Casey Kisses, Honey Foxxx .... you've clearly got some other axe to grind rather then just telling facts.

  • Jay
    By Jay on Jul 30, 2014

    Very poor site unless you like "Interviews" and girls peeing in bowls. Lots of photos and few videos. Many of the hardcore movies are only available for an additional fee online.

    • Bob.of.Bob's.Tgirls

      Hello Jay, Some members enjoy the interviews that is why I do them. Your statement is incorrect that hardcore movies are only available for an additional fee online. They are also offered online that non-members can access.

  • Disappointed
    By Disappointed on Jun 25, 2014

    VERY poor site. Bob likes photos and doesn't really care what his users want. Bob doesn't like hardcore video and wants to limit the users viewing to "people in love", strange for a porn vendor. The site is VERY overpriced and a waste of money and time. The positive reviews I read must be fake. Who cares about Bob's Bar-B-Q video? SHOP AROUND.

  • Bill
    By Bill on Feb 23, 2014

    I tried this site well over a year ago, and I just signed up for it again, because I thought there were some improvements from the old design. Turns out this site is still shit. I am big on photos and navigation. In terms of these, Bob's Tgirls sucks. There is so much talent on this site, but the way it is set up and the lack of large HD photos makes me realize that I will never join this site again.

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