OK, time has run out! (Imagine hearing an annoying and insanely loud buzzer right now.) Nominations for the 2014 RISE Awards have closed. I hope you managed to get your favorites in on time, because you’re going to have to wait a whole year to do this all over again. The next step is wading through all the noms and I, for one, am sitting on pins and needles.

Of course I want to hear about all the best tits and asses, but what’s really going to floor me this year is the Dynamic Duo Award (Best On-screen Duo). I love to see passion and chemistry on screen and I hope some of my favorite couples also made an impression on you. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the MILFs and ladyboys who caught your eye.

So now that we’ve heard from you, the real work begins. Logins will be received, videos will be accumulated, lights will be dimmed and breaths will be held as we hem and haw over who’s got the goods this time around. We’ll be announcing all of the 2014 nominees very shortly, so keep checking back to see who gets a well-deserved nod.