It’s time! We’ve started voting. Isn’t it exciting? We’ve got all the videos cued up and we’re anticipating some grueling hours poring over the nominees this year. As you can see from our nominations page, there are some repeat nominees from past years (which we just love to see!), but there’s also a fresh batch of sites that we can’t wait to dive headlong into.

First on our list is most likely the Best Boobs and Hottest Butt categories as those obviously spark much debate. We’ve all got our preferred tits and ass, so you know there’s going to be major discussions on those two awards.

The room is darkened, popcorn is popping and ballots are being shielded from prying eyes. There will undoubtedly be blood, sweat and tears as we poke and prod these sites for all they’ve got. Stay tuned, people, for the list of finalists is cumming… er, coming soon!