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How we work

Here at Rabbits Reviews we review porn sites.

As you all know, the tour page of a porn site isn’t always a true indication of a site and once you sign into the members’ area things can look a lot different. Well, Mr. Rabbit himself found this out the hard way many years ago, but rather than just sit around and complain, he did something about it. He started RabbitsReviews.

The goal of the site when it began more than 12 years ago (and still the goal today), is to provide complete and honest reviews of adult sites so that people will know what they’re actually going to get when they lay down their hard-earned cash to join. And we here at Rabbits Reviews take that very seriously.

Of course we want to make money, but that never takes priority over putting out honest and quality content. We respect our readers too much and appreciate how smart and loyal you are. We understand that if we put out biased reviews or reviews that praised every site, we might see a short-term benefit, but in the long run it would hurt us because you wouldn't trust us and you wouldn't come back – and that's just bad business. So, in the end, we know that what’s best for our business is doing what’s best for all of you and that’s always on our minds when we evaluate sites and write reviews.

Speaking of writing reviews, we try to experience the site as any surfer/member would. So we sign in and look around and watch the videos and check out the photos. We watch the oldest scenes and the newer ones. We try to get a sense of how the site and content have evolved (if they have). Are they living up to the promises made on the tour or is that just a glossy smokescreen for a bunch of poor-quality porn that may or may not have anything to do with the site's main theme?

Besides that, we just try to get a feel for the site itself – because we understand that there’s more to a porn site than just the porn.

The user experience is also important and as you can see from our scoring criteria we allocate a good number of points to a site's usability and features. Things like the availability of tags, advanced search capabilities, dated content, download limits, file formats, etc. And in order to hand out those points we check for all of them and we also mention anything of relevance regarding those items in the text itself.

Most of the writers at RabbitsReviews have been with us for many years now (a couple since the beginning) and whenever a new writer joins the team they always start off on smaller projects and go through a full training process before being given the reigns to write their own reviews. This is meant to insure that the quality is up to our standards and also to give them a little more time to take in all the different sites and give them a better bank of knowledge from which to pull ideas. We love that each writer brings their own voice and style to their reviews, but we also love that they do so while maintaining our core values.

So, there you have it. That’s how we work here at Rabbits Reviews. And though we do our best to produce the best porn site reviews online we also know that sometimes we make mistakes, or our users don't agree with us. Well, feel free to post a comment on the review pages. We do read them and if they’re valid, you’ll probably see them dealt with when we go back and update our reviews, which we do on a regular basis so that the facts are always as up-to-date as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!