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If you’re old enough to remember 2003 (and you should be or else why would you be reading this?), then you know that times have changed considerably in the last decade and a half. And the sexy world of internet porn is no exception. One of the most noticeable changes in the field, though, has got to be the improvements in video quality.

High-Definition is Good

Back in ‘03, HD, or 720p video resolution, had been out for a few years, but most people had yet to jump on that bandwagon and purchase a high-definition monitor that could accurately display it. That means the majority of people who were subscribing to adult paysites and downloading videos were invariably watching them in an SD (or standard-definition) resolution, which is anything lower than 720p. Back then, it probably wasn’t a big deal as people didn’t know any better. However, I find the experience of watching SD porn today – and believe it or not many sites are still producing the stuff – to be nothing short of excruciating.

Slowly but surely, HD monitors became more affordable and commonplace and were bought and sold like candy out of electronics shops. Today, a 720p resolution is pretty much the minimum standard for most porn sites that are worth their salt. Moreover, since that’s the minimum, it means that many sites offer their subscribers at least a couple more advanced video options.

Full HD is Even Better

Full HD, or 1080p video resolution, porn first hit the internet sometime around 2009. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the same scene in both regular HD and Full HD, but the difference is massive! There are almost twice as many pixels in Full HD and the resulting visuals depict bright colors, hues and details that’ll make you think you’re looking at real life! Now, in the year 2018, while not every adult site offers Full HD streams and downloads, many do and it sure is a sight for sore eyes every time.

Have You Seen 4K Porn?

In January 2014, online porn was changed forever when Naughty America introduced 4K scenes for download. That’s a whole four times as many pixels as what Full HD afforded viewers, resulting in image clarity the likes of which no one had seen before. 4K scenes, or 2160p video resolution, also known as UHD or Ultra HD, are typically huge files and have yet to be adopted by everyone, though paysites are starting to add 4K files to their list of available formats for streaming and downloading, more often for downloads, again due to their size. It’s also important to realize that, since there are so many pixels in a 4K resolution, you have to be sitting pretty close to be able to notice them all and you’ve got to have a reasonably large TV at the same time. However, if you’re sitting too close to a big-screen TV, you might not be able to see the whole screen! That’s just food for thought, however.

VR Porn is Mindblowing

When VR porn started to become popular a few years ago in 2015, they rendered the vast majority of those scenes in the same 4K resolution, but now upgraded with both a 3D effect and a 180° field of view. A few of the later VR scenes were being advertised as boasting a 5K resolution, but that quickly fell out of popularity, since no headset or display can accurately depict a 5K resolution!

What’s Next in Video Quality?

What does the future have in store for the next level of visual resolution for porn scenes? 8K? 16K? Believe it or not, 8K TVs do exist, but it’ll be the same problem that comes with watching 4K – too many pixels for the human eye to pick up. So, for most people, with the visually gifted and mantis shrimp excluded, Full HD is pretty much the most advanced resolution that can be fully appreciated. If anything, the future belongs to VR and quite possibly, it’s yet to be fully developed cousin AR (augmented reality). One thing’s for sure though, after 15 years of reviewing porn, the team at RabbitsReviews firmly believes that when it comes to the intersection of porn and innovation, the sky’s the limit.

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