Sex and time are more intertwined then one might think. Some people think it is always time for sex while others complain about the amount of time sex lasts or how many times they get to do it. And then there are those who would rather be reading the New York Times than having sex. Regardless of where you land on that spectrum, here is some info about sex and time:

2 MINUTES: According to sexual-health expert Dr. Harry Fisch, 45 percent of men have an orgasm within the first two minutes of intercourse.

3 TIMES/MONTH: The average number of times a heterosexual couple between the ages of 16-44 report having sex

5 TIMES/MONTH: The average number of times a heterosexual couple reported having sex 20 years ago

6 SECONDS: The length of the average male orgasm.

20 SECONDS: The length of the average female orgasm.

10 SECONDS: The time it takes most men under 40 to achieve an erection.

28 MPH: The average speed of sperm, when ejaculated.

7 INCHES/HOUR: The average speed sperm travels, once delivered.

45 TIMES/YEAR: The average number of times Japanese couples have sex, ranked last among all countries.

138 TIMES/YEAR: The average number of times Greek couples have sex, ranked number one in the world.

140 BEATS/MINUTE: The average heart rate at the point of orgasm for both men and women.

200 CALORIES/30 MINUTES: The number of calories burned during an average sex session.

7:54 AM: A recent survey of over 2,300 people in Britain found that men prefer to have sex at 7:54am.

11:21 PM: That same survey also found that women prefer to make love at 11:21pm!

1,065 HOURS/YEAR: The average male has 3-5 erections per night while sleeping, lasting up to 35 minutes each. This equals to 1,065 hours of “wood” a year that goes to waste!

20,160 minutes: The average amount of time a person spends in their lifetime kissing.

So, there you go. And think of it: If you started having sex when you started reading this post 45% of guys would have had an orgasm by now!

Now, watch these couples tell each other how many people they’ve slept with:


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