How time flies! It was just a little over five years ago that I wrote about the changes we made to our scoring criteria to better reflect both the demands of our readers and the industry as a whole. Just think of all the changes that have occurred since then – new technology like 4K and VR have emerged, more sites have moved to a streaming-only model and more people are accessing their favorite sites from mobile devices. To better reflect these and other changes, we determined that it was time to adjust our criteria. After a long deliberation that included discussions with both readers and webmasters, we have come up with the following adjustments.

Image Quality 

Previously known as Content Quality, this score continues to judge a site based on the average bit rate of the most recent videos, or the photo resolution for the most recent galleries for photo-centric sites. This was one of the biggest criticisms we received from both readers and webmasters, as many believed the score was our subjective opinion on the quality of the productions. To clear up the confusion, we changed the category name to something more descriptive.


Previously, we provided 1 point to sites that allow users to rate the content and 1 point for being able to post comments. Ultimately, we found these features to be somewhat similar in that they both allow users to express their opinion on the content, so we decided to merge them and now any site that provides comments and/or ratings will get the point. We will also reward 1 point to sites that are mobile-friendly.

Content Amount

We have made it easier for new and recent sites with a small amount of content to increase their score as they continue to grow and update, as well as bringing down the ceiling to reach maximum points. Previously, a site needed over 10,000 videos to reach the full score, but now they only need over 5,000 videos.


Instead of downloading and streaming options making up 5 points each in the overall score (10 points in total), they have now been merged into one and condensed into 5 points with a simple breakdown:

  • For a site that has downloading or streaming: 3 points
  • For a site that has both downloading and streaming: 5 points

This way, sites that are download-only (such as many VR sites where the file sizes are simply too massive to allow for regular streaming and the subsequent hosting costs) or streaming-only (which many sites are moving toward) aren’t too harshly penalized.

Exclusive Content

We have changed the name from Unique Content to Exclusive Content. We have also expanded the score from 15 points to 20 points.


This category had the biggest overhaul, as we have removed Multiple File Formats, Full-Length Videos and Clips from consideration. MP4 has emerged as the standard format for the majority of sites and many no longer provide additional ones. Similarly, very few sites provide clips these days, meaning scoring for that and its counterpart Full-Length Videos became irrelevant. We have also removed Bonus Content, but that is explained below. In their place, we have added Multiple Video Resolutions as well as three elements that are critical to many of you: an Online Cancellation Form, Discount Pricing and participation in our Money Back Guarantee program.

Bonus Score

With so many sites offering a plethora of benefits for members (free live cam shows, loyalty rewards and reduced discounts to other sites, to name a few), we realized that only providing 1 point for Bonus Content simply didn’t cut it anymore. So, we have eliminated the Other Score (which many found to be too vague) and instead will focus on the bonus material provided by the site/network. This score will still be somewhat subjective, though, as our writing staff and Editor will determine, on a case-by-case basis, how many points to provide based on the additional features/perks included in a membership.

All told, the adjustments themselves are quite minor and are more just tweaks to allow our scoring to provide a better representation of the sites we’re reviewing. For a full breakdown, be sure to check out our new criteria page here. As always, we look forward to hearing from you as we move forward with these changes.

Thank you for your continued loyalty!

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