We here at Rabbit’s have fielded many offers over the years from individuals and companies looking to buy the RabbitsReviews.com domain. Up until now, these highly motivated buyers have been from the adult industry and we’ve always resisted their offers, however lucrative.

Recently, however, we were approached by a well-respected group not affiliated in any way with adult entertainment. In addition to offering to compensate us generously, they guaranteed employment for all of our staff who were interested in being part of this new enterprise.

And so it with much excitement and fanfare that we’re announcing the purchase and rebranding of RabbitsReviews by the National Organization for Hare and Rabbit Enthusiasts! This dedicated group seeks to educate the general public about these noble creatures by reviewing each of the approximately 60 species of hares and rabbits within the Leporidae family.

Thanks for all your years of support, dear readers, and we invite you all to join us as we hop on down the road in pursuit of this new endeavor! So without further ado, please click here for our NO-HARE Rabbit’s Review!

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My real name is Bill Jeters. At a young age, I summited Mount Kilimanjaro and life has been downhill ever since. If love is all that's really needed, why can't I secure a fixed-rate mortgage using it as a down payment? If you like charity work, but always mix up people's names, just remember that Sharon is Karen! I am 7,600,000,001th in line to the throne, so you had better treat me right!

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