Poor Santa has gotten a bum rap. He’s been accused of spying to find out who’s naughty or nice and then of compiling a list. A list that he then checks twice! It makes him sound like a real judgemental (and anal) asshole. Meanwhile, the actual North Pole is basically party central. It’s a miracle the elves ever meet toy making quota, because they booze-luge eggnog and consume Christmas cookie edibles 24/7/365. So clearly, Jolly Old St. Nick is a totally chill boss and I can also tell you that he doesn’t discriminate with the gift giving. The BS about some folks getting lumps of coal in their stockings was a lie told by Big Christmas to get its investors to ignore green energy trends and stockpile hydrocarbons.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to give you some background before hitting you with some naughty versus nice Rabbit’s style, because, just like S. Claus, we’re not really judging one site has been nicer or another as being naughtier. We just need some kind of notion as our shtick to kick this blog into motion. So, we’ll start with Met Art, it’s what you might call nice, because it’s got sweet girls in high-caliber softcore content. Versus Met Art X, where some of the very same nubile hotties get naughty with themselves by masturbating for their pleasure and ours.

And then in a post Ellen Degeneres world, regardless of how judgemental some folks were and some still are, I think that a good many of us find lesbians quite, indeed. Case in point, we’ve got Sweetheart Video, where it’s just wall to wall pretty ladies without a man’s nasty old dick in sight. Why it’s all rainbows, pink nipples and cuddly pussies. Versus a very naughty sex act, where a chick takes on not one, but two dicks, and they fill not just her pussy, but her asshole, too. Yes, that’s exactly what DP Fanatics is all about.

Our last pairing is a bit of a stretch, because both sites are just as naughty and just as nice. But grant me some poetic license with my writing device for this blog, because we’ll say that the amateurs of Abby Winters are the “nice” girls – only in the fanciful sense that they have had less experience on camera so as amateur beauties they may seem slightly more fresh faced and innocent than some more seasoned pros. That said, they sure aren’t shy about sucking a guy off or riding his cock, while we all watch. But, of course, for real professionals when it comes to those kinds of endeavours, you’ve got the babes who appear on Pornstars Like It Big. So, all in all, I think that when it comes to making a list, Santa has nothing on the Rabbit!

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