Tommy is a young man who has a definite thing for older ladies. He believes that he was born an old soul and so even though he’s in his 20s, he only feels comfortable being with women who are at least 20-30 years older than he is.

One night he decides to go out to his favorite wine bar to prowl for some cougar tail. And there he meets his dream woman – a gorgeous MILF who appears to be a well-preserved specimen, but still has those little signs of aging that he finds so sexy. She has plenty of fine lines a soft jaw line and large, but slightly pendulous breasts.

Still, he is shocked to learn that this mother of three is closer to 60 than she is to 50. Her daughter is in fact 40 and has a daughter of her own who is 20. But what really shocks Tommy is when this hot mom and granny asks him, “Have you ever had a sportsman’s double before?”

Tommy innocently asks, “Is that a kind of cocktail? I don’t tend to drink much and usually just to a glass of wine or maybe a spritzer.”

The horny old broad has a giggle, “No, silly, it’s when a man has a threesome with a mother and daughter. Have you ever done that? And would you like to be the meat in a mother-daughter sandwich tonight? Because I know a lady who just happens to be visiting me at the moment and who’d be very game to help me make that happen for you.”

Bowled over by the offer, Tom says, “Well, no, I’ve never had a mother-daughter three-way before, but HELL yeah, I’d love to give it a go! And if the other lady in question has been blessed with the same good looks as you’ve got, I’ll be the luckiest guy on earth.”

The sexy matron bats her eyelashes and blushingly explains, “Well, they do say that good looks run in my family.”

The couple quickly downs the last bit of the wine in their glasses and they grab a cab back to the mature babe’s house. As they enter the front door, the older woman crosses over the threshold and goes a few steps toward the stairway up to the second floor bedrooms before calling loudly up the stairs, “Hey Mom, hurry down, we’ve got a visitor and he’s quite keen to meet you!”

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I love a big juicy carrot top - the fresh leafy greens, not the 90s prop comic. I used to work for the FBI (Federal Burrow of Investigations) and I dug up a lot of dirt. I once tried to rub my own foot for luck but - long story short - the tortoise won. Even if I take my job very seriously, I know that there are no porn emergencies. The most pressing matters are in our readers' pants!

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