Well, when coming up with inspiration for this week’s blog, I got a bit bogged down by research. I was fairly certain that I had read that September 22nd was considered the day that Band-Aid brand bandages were invented. It is, in fact, the anniversary of their inventor’s death. Well, Earle Dickson died that day, but I am not sure about his wife Josephine who also had a hand in their creation. At any rate, I will soldier on and dedicate this entry to the healing arts – well, kinky medical fetish really – but only sort of so don’t worry, because things won’t get too weird. Nevertheless, if weird is your jam, I can direct you to this archive of terrifying medical instruments on Cult of Weird and you’ll feel like Halloween has come early! But back to my less disturbing dip into the subject at hand.

Is There A Doctor In The House – Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I thought that I would start out with a couple of sites that really aren’t that fetish-y and are really more just reality porn. For one, there’s Doctor Adventures and, considering that it’s from the good folks over at Brazzers, you can count on raunchy hardcore featuring some of the hottest pornstars on the market. I would also direct your attention to Fake Hospital, which is also focused on nasty hardcore action, with its more European approach to the reality porn genre. Don’t panic if you don’t speak the language, though, because there are English subtitles for the Czech dialogue.

Naughty Nurses Aren’t Just For Halloween

Along my regular route as a workday commuter there’s a hospital and so I often see nurses getting on and off the same bus as I take. And most of the time, they’re wearing nondescript scrubs, but there is one lady of a certain age who still wears a starched white uniform complete with the lapel watch pinned over her heart. She’s only missing the nurse’s cap. Of course, the medical professionals appearing on Exposed Nurses are more than just bareheaded as they all seem to be missing their panties as they hike their hemlines up to pleasure themselves in their exam rooms. Now, although Dirty Doctors isn’t actually devoted to scenes involving doctoring or nursing, you will see a British babe known as Hot Mature Trisha in a nurse’s uniform along with her gal pals and also a white-haired gentleman playing doctor.

Let’s Explore Some Serious Medical Fetish Porn

The other sites that I’ve mentioned haven’t been really that intense in a fetish porn sense. In fact, they’ve all sort of been quite mainstream with the performers dressed as doctors and nurses in a sort of elaborate form of reality porn roleplay. But I wouldn’t really being doing the topic justice if I didn’t mention at least one site where medical fetish is explored in some truly kinky action. And so may I suggest that you cast a gander at Assylum. Its scenes, which combine anal play and BDSM, are completely insane, so that explains its name. Some would say that it mirrors real life, because the doctor is sadistic, while his patients are complete sadists. Granted, I think you’d probably risk losing your medical license if as an MD you tried administering any of this site’s experimental treatments! Oh, the silly uptight conventions of the Western medical establishment.

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