It all started innocently enough when Kanye West was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that despite being a father of three, he still enjoys watching porn on Pornhub (he also gave a shout out to top interracial site So it wasn’t surprising when Pornhub responded by offering him a free lifetime membership. But it was perhaps going a step too far when they named him creative director for their first annual Pornhub Awards. The result wasn’t so much sublime as it was flub time! At least that’s the impression I got from fast-forwarding the PH video and reading coverage in such prestigious mainstream publications as Rolling Stone.

Pornhub’s Cross Promotion is West’s Self-Promotion

A lot of husbands wouldn’t be so open about being Pornhubbies. But considering how Mrs. West got her start as a celebrity, Mr. West probably figures that nothing is sacred when it comes to promoting one’s brand. And boy did he promote himself through this awards show! It opened with a parade of gorgeous pornstars, like Joanna Angel, coming on stage in translucent dresses designed under Kanye’s Yeezy brand. However, the babes came on stage with no warning and no one announcing their names, which was a shame.

A Method to Ye’s Madness: Pornstar Fashion Show

It might have seemed random at the time, but the stream of parading pornstars actually fit the night’s theme. Apparently, the morning of the show, Kanye decided to transform the whole event into a futuristic fashion show set in the year 6918. It’s kind of like art-imitating-porn-imitating-art – yes, that’s quite the mouthful. Just like those phallic alien trophies that Kanye created for the awards that resemble otherworldly monster cocks! Maybe if I mention the sites Public Agent and Fake Agent, you’ll understand where I’m coming from? Reality porn and casting couch scenes often involve wannabe fashion models getting “tricked” into having sex on camera.

Better Late Than Never – Futuristic VR Porn Awards

Not only did Kanye show up late, but also the presentation of the awards started more than an hour behind schedule. But hiccups were inevitable given the logistics of it being broadcast in 360° virtual reality. Sure, a few of the top VR sites, like BaDoink VR, VR Bangers and Virtual X, also offer 360° scenes, but the show was live-streamed from multiple angles. It allowed remote viewers to feel like they were seeing the event unfold from a variety of locations including backstage.

So once again the adult entertainment industry proves to be an early adopter of tech that will potentially change the world. Someday soon, you may be able to attend live concerts, sporting events or even your best friend’s destination wedding from the comfort of your home – besides exploring your virtual pornstar fantasies. All thanks to Pornhub and Kanye West (with support from tech experts at Utherverse Digital, Inc., HoloFilm Productions and!

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