“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “There’s No Place like Home for the Holidays” are some of my favorite holiday songs, they really give me the feels. They make me grateful for the friends and relatives who I’ll see over the holidays as well as sad for those who have no home to go home to. Of course, when it comes to the importance of family, the world of porn takes quite a different approach. And instead of getting sentimental so you’ll feel the need to reach out and touch someone (like in an old-timey long distance telephone ad), they get downright raunchy so you’ll need to reach down to touch yourself! Oh my, why would I say that?


It’s sure to get me on Santa’s very, very naughty list! Well, don’t let it ever be said that I am not dedicated to our readers, although let me explain that what I am talking about isn’t quite so perverted. Certain taboo lines should never be crossed, but, they do get a bit blurry when the relations are by marriage and not by blood. And I think that it all started innocently enough with sites, like Bang My Stepmom, where sons do daddies’ new trophy wives. It’s a healthy take on the classic Oedipus complex and it reminds a cheating dad that just like he dumped mom for a younger model, he too can replaced by someone younger and hotter.

But perhaps taking the stepmother premise a step farther in the direction of kinky, you’ve got Step Mom Lessons. You know the relations between stepmoms and their stepdaughters have gotten an awfully bad rap thanks to fairytales. Think of “Cinderella” whose stepmama worked her to the bone, or worse yet, “Snow White” of “The Seven Dwarfs” fame whose vain step-monster gave new meaning to the term “bad apple” all in the name of snatching the “Fairest of the Land” title from her. But this site shows that stepmothers can be quite helpful, because here they show their stepdaughters the proper way to have sex with their young, hung boyfriends. They take the hands, mouth and pussy-on approach to this valuable training.


And for more stepparent sex, you’ve the classic My Stepdaughter Ate My Ass – after all, what better way for a girl to make her new daddy feel welcome than to bury her face and tongue in his bum? Of course, sometimes your mom or dad marries someone their own age and some folks won’t be into an older man or woman. Not to worry, though, because I offer you this trio of sites where stepsisters make love to (or simply fuck) their stepsisters or stepbrothers with Step Siblings Caught, Sis Loves Me and Step Siblings.

Of course, if you’re looking for a mix of all these kinds of hookups, one of the most popular sites that we’ve reviewed in this raunchy niche is Family Strokes. It is has all the borderline verboten pairings that you can imagine – stepmoms and stepsons, stepdaughters doing stepdads, stepdaughters hooking up with each other and stepsons drilling their stepsisters. And if that kind of variety really floats your boat, you might want to check out Out Of The Family, because it brings you even more step sex, but it also has other scenarios, like husbands fucking their mothers-in-law and daddies doing their daughters’ young cute BFFs. But whichever site you decide to peruse, I am sure that you will agree that the family that fucks together stays together as these blended families blend body parts and bodily fluids!

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