Happy New Year! Can I still say that? Well, if that half-eaten mayo in the fridge is supposedly still good, even two months past its “Best Before” date, surely today’s New Year’s wishes are still suitable for human consumption? Of course, the window on New Year’s kisses closed about 10 minutes past midnight on the 1st. And everyone knows now that Christmas is over, just like Santa’s magic reindeer, any ploy involving mistletoe no longer flies. But I’ve got “new” ways to kiss sexual frustration goodbye!


Yes, when all else fails and I am still worn out from the holidays, I resort to less than sophisticated themes for these newsletters. And so I am simply going to go with a few sites that use the word “new” right in their names. And I think that I will start with New Sensations, because it’s a mega-site that gives you access to several thousand videos and a similarly impressive number of photo sets thanks to access to more than two dozen sites. Examples include Four Finger Club, Tabu Tales and Unlimited MILFs. Mixing fresher as well as well-seasoned talent, not every babe it brings you will seem new.


If you want to see truly new girls on a consistent basis, you can check out Shes New. But you’ll want to check out these babes rather fast to ensure you’re getting them at their freshest, because many of them not only go on to appear on the other Team Skeet sites, which you can access with your membership, but also many end up launching successful careers that will have them showing up on all kinds of sites as well as on a variety of porn DVDs. It’s not the fastest growing collection and although it’s not a small site, it also is far from being considered large, but all in all, you should feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.


And then we’ve got a site where the turnover isn’t rapid when it comes to the talent, but the content, which is based on current events, always seems fresh and contemporary. Now you may be thinking that I’m talking about a parody porn site, but I mean”current events” in the literal sense, not simply content based on pop culture of the moment. And so if you haven’t guessed by now, I am referring to Naked News. Not every episode features hard-hitting journalism, but the site’s reporting will have many hardcore news junkies hitting their boxes of tissues and bottles of lotion pretty hard. And while a lot of newscasts are depressing, the Naked News team keeps their broadcasts very uplifting – if you know what I mean?

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