The RabbitsReviews team loves connecting with other porn-loving individuals. We’ve been around for a while now and who doesn’t love sharing their passion with like-minded people? We have seen it all, honestly. That leads me to our enhanced customer review features that we’ve just brought out on RabbitsReviews. We are really excited about these. They provide real benefits to both our readers and our partners. Read on to get the full scoop!

Verified Webmaster Profiles

I can’t tell you how many times our readers make suggestions and/or have questions for webmasters who have sites listed on RabbitsReviews. There are also countless times when a webmaster wishes to respond to a user’s comment directly, whether it be to address a concern or answer a question. We now offer users and webmasters the opportunity to interact right on the review page. Webmaster profiles will be clearly marked so users know they are speaking to the genuine owner.


I’ve seen it a lot. A reader wants to agree or disagree with a previous comment, but there’s no way to reply directly so you have to reference their name or spend the time reiterating their point. Well, we’ve made it easier. You now can just simply hit “reply” and type out your response directly below the initial comment. Not only is it more efficient for the customer, but everyone else reading it will have a much easier time to get your point. This is also an invaluable resource for our partners. You can now communicate directly to the people joining your site! You’ll be able to address their concerns, consider their suggestions and reply to any questions right away. This provides a great platform for you to engage with past, present and potential members.



Like/Dislike Buttonsuntitled-1

Our readers have a TON of opinions about the sites they join. From camera angles and model attractiveness to plots and shooting locations, they let their thoughts be known. Both users and webmasters now have the opportunity to react to comments/replies with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Whether you agree with a statement or aren’t so keen on the opinion, it’s easy to let everybody know.

Upload Your Avatar

We’re giving you the chance to customize your profile even more by uploading an avatar. It will appear at the top of your profile next to your display name when you login and it will also show up next to any comments or replies you leave on our reviews. For a webmaster profile, uploading an avatar will make you and your posts easily identifiable to your fans.  Our readers love when site owners respond to their comments and questions as it proves the webmasters are interested and appreciate their members and their thoughts on the site. Adding an avatar is simple. Just log into your RabbitsReviews account and click the “Your Profile” tab.



About The Author

Staplers are my passion. I find pashminas threatening. I like filthy beats. I have 15 years of forklift experience. My favorite expression is, "That's muh name, don't wear it out!" No, seriously, I'm just a regular girl that steps into her panties one leg at a time. Perhaps not the brightest crayon in the box at times, but my kind of off-color has serious staying power. Ya feel me?

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  1. James Wright

    April – I LOVE reading your reviews! I found out about Rabbits Reviews when I read your review on Tropical Amateurs. I was so mesmerized by your words that it was almost better than looking at the site. This motivated me to sign up with Rabbits Reviews. And your other reviews are like this, too. I almost don’t even want to read a review if it wasn’t written by you. Bless you!!

    • April Scott

      Well, well, James. Apologies for this very late reply to such a complimentary comment. I thank you for the kind words. I’m glad I can assist you in finding the kind of content you want. If you ever need some site suggestions, please do hit us up here or on the RabbitsReviews contact us page.


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