Well, it’s finally here, the day so many of us have been waiting for since we saw Back to the Future Part II in theaters 26 years ago. In case you don’t know, in that movie Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown are living in 1985 – having just returned from a trip to 1955. However, that trip messed up their futures, so off they go to October 21st, 2015 to try and get it right.

Now, most people are going to look at today and talk about how we don’t yet have self-tying shoes and hover boards, but personally I am more interested in porn. Imagine if you were looking at porn in 1985 one day and then the next day you were jerking it to porn in 2015? Given how stressful saving the future can be, you just know that Marty and Doc were spanking their monkeys whenever they had a little downtime. But what were they spanking them to?



My gut tells me that Doc is a MILF man. He likes a woman with a little experience and history to her. Someone that can ride him like a cowgirl and also in reverse cowgirl (those being Doc’s favorite positions might help explain why they went back to the old west in the 3rd film). Someone that shows a little interest in whatever crazy invention he is working on at that moment, which means in 1985 Doc was wanking it to…  Sheri St-Clair.

Sheri St-Clair

In 1985, Sheri St. Clair was 28 years old and only about two years into her 9-year porn career. Doc likes that she was a little older when she got started and he loves that she does lots of anal and doesn’t hold back!

While some pornstars like to start off slow and do more and more things over time, one of Sheri’s first ever movies was 1983’s Back Door Girls – and as the title implies, she took it in her back door! This was Doc’s favorite movie of hers until 1985 gave us Backdoor Romance in which Sheri ends the movie doing a DP scene with Buck Adams and Billy Dee.


ginger lynn
Ginger Lynn

Marty McFly isn’t one of the cool kids, he gets bullied at school and his best friend is a much older mad scientist. But you know Marty would go to bed at night and stroke his pole thinking about that hot cheerleader or that sexy girl that sits in front of him in math class, but only talks to him when she needs help with a question. So, obviously his desires lean towards the girls that look like they could go to his school and that he could walk down the hall with and make everyone jealous. Which makes his top wank babe of 1985, none other than…Ginger Lynn!

Ginger was only 22 years old in 1985, and although she had only been making porn for a couple years, she had already racked up a huge filmography. Including Marty’s favorite film, Ginger on the Rocks. Ginger stars in four different scenes, including a lesbian one with Amber Lynn and a hot one with Peter North (who was also new to the porn industry at the time, but would go on to become one of its biggest stars and shoot some of its biggest loads).


So, jump to 2015 and Doc and Marty are doing all they can to fix the future they messed up in the first film and trying to take in all the new technologies around them. But back in their beds when they have a moment to relax you know they are dropping trou and stroking their flux capacitors. But who in 2015 is getting them all hot and bothered?


Nina Hartley

This one is easy. The first thing Doc does when he gets some alone time is jump on the internet and type in older women and as he scrolls through images, his world comes to a screeching halt when he sees…Nina Hartley!

Mature and smart (graduated Magna Cum Laude) with a curious, dirty mind, Nina is Doc’s perfect woman. In 1985 she was just getting started in porn and Doc just wasn’t aware of her at the time – not that he would have been terribly interested given that she was only about 25-26. But now, in 2015 looking hot at 56 years old, Doc can’t get enough. And he loves that she’s still working and is even more revered now than she was back in the the day – which Doc is hoping will be the case for his work as well!


After his experiences of the first film, Marty found himself looking for something different when it came time to stroke the sausage in 2015. And he was hooked the second his eyes landed on… Bonnie Rotten!

bonnie rotten 2
Bonnie Rotten

Obviously Marty still likes the teens/coeds (she is 22 years old in 2015), but Bonnie Rotten, with her dark hair and tattoos appeals to the confident, popular (with a touch of the bad boy) persona that was awoken during Marty’s trip back in time in the first film. In 1985 he wanted to walk down the school hallways with Ginger Lynn on his arm and make out with her in front of his locker for all to see. But in 2015 he wants to skip school and bang Bonnie Rotten in the alley behind the liquor store!

There is no doubting why Bonnie won an AVN award for Female Performer of the Year in 2014. Marty loves how she puts all of herself into everything she does and he knows that he needs to do the same if he is going to fix the future. But for now the future can wait – at least until he has seen Cape Fear XXX, parody film that earned Miss Rotten a Best Actress nomination.

Given these incredible porn babes both past and present, it is a wonder that Doc and Marty ever found the time to change the past and fix the future!

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