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General Questions:

 Who is behind RabbitsReviews? began in 2003 by Rabbit, then a college student who joined adult paysites and was disappointed by the inconsistency between sites and straight-up shady practices that some webmasters were using to take money from their customers. By providing honest, accurate information about what these adult sites provided to their members as well as the overall membership experience, Rabbit wanted to pull back the curtain and inform the reader so they could make better purchases with their porn dollar.

Since that time, RabbitsReviews has worked tirelessly to position itself as the most honest and reliable porn review site in all of adult. With a team of over 20 employees, including our celebrated in-house writing staff, RabbitsReviews works around the clock to ensure that surfers can find the best porn the web has to offer. It's no wonder that over two million surfers follow the White Rabbit every month.

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 I already have sites in my webmaster program featured on RabbitsReviews. How do I get my new site reviewed and listed?

The first step to getting your newest sites reviewed is to sign into your sponsor admin account. Please use the login and password we provided you. Click on the "Request a New Review" link for all new sites.

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 I want to get my sites reviewed by RabbitsReviews for the first time. How do I get my site reviewed and listed?

The first step to getting reviewed is to fill out this simple form. Once it is complete, you should expect to receive your first welcome e-mail from the team within a few hours. It details our policies and will show you how to proceed, so we can start sending quality traffic and sign-ups.

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 When can I expect to see my review posted?

Due to the high volume of requests that we process daily, your review will take an average of 45 to 60 days to go live. We ask that you not contact us if you have received your welcome letter and less than 60 days have elapsed from that point. However, if for some reason you do not receive a welcome letter or you do not see your review appear after the 60 days has elapsed, please inquire here.

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 Do I have to wait 45 to 60 days for my review to go live?

Rush reviews are possible for programs that can provide multiple reciprocal links. Rush reviews are published within a week of submission. Please contact our marketing department through this contact form for details.

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 How can I check the status of my review?

New affiliate programs accepted at RabbitsReviews will be sent an email containing logins to our sponsor admin system within a few days of submitting their sites. Once you login, you can see the current status of your review(s) and/or request updates for sites that have already been reviewed.

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 I want to notify you of updates and changes to a site that is already reviewed.

Please login to the sponsor admin system and request a review update. Click on the "request" link on the far right of the list of sites we've already reviewed to give us a new login. You can detail all of changes that are not currently reflected in our review at the same time. Typically, unless it is regarding a modification in pricing, we update reviews no earlier than six months from the previous posting/update.

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 I have a business/partnership opportunity. Whose attention should I bring it to?

Please submit any and all inquiries and proposals via this form. (both)

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 Where can I find quality content, hosting, programmers and other resources to build my own website?

Please check out our sister site,, for some great tips and contacts. If you still cannot find what you are looking for refer to some of our trusted friends.

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 Where can I report a broken link or an inaccuracy?

Please contact us by clicking here. Be sure to describe the issue in detail and leave appropriate contact information, so we can get back to you.

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 How can I trade links with RabbitsReviews?

Trading links with RabbitsReviews is simple. Just add a link somewhere and fill out this short form to get the ball rolling. We will contact you within five business days should we have something to offer in return.

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 Where is the affiliate program?

After 10+ years of running our unique affiliate program, we decided to close registrations and take it private on Aug 31st 2016. Over the last couple years, RabbitsReviews has been taking on more discounts that are exclusive to RabbitsReviews and were not made available to our affiliate traffic. Instead of providing a reduced user experience, we felt it was best to close the program. If you would like more information, please contact us

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