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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Generally, when I think of someone liking sadism, I somehow don't think of someone young and cute, like the twinks who appear on Sadist Boy. Then again, I did have a roommate in my first year of college who used to like to turn out all the lights and chase us around with a knife, with Mozart's "Final Requiem" blasting. He also told us that he liked to have girls use a razor blade to put incisions in his skin and then pour a little lemon juice on them for the intense sting.

That may have sounded like a total digression, but SadistBoy is a website that originates in Germany and my former roommate was German too - supposedly straight, but everyone had doubts. With the guys in these 37 average-quality videos, it is quite clear that they like each other more than the frauleins. It's also clear that the vids aren't meant for downloading, so you have to stream them instead. Also, they've split these long scenes into short clips.

However, despite have numbered titles, they're all posted out of order, so I've counting them separately, because the type of action generally comes in short bursts, making each vignette seem like a complete scene. There's facesitting, trampling, CBT with knees to the crotch, hard kicks to the stomach, bondage, spitting and a much older sub being force-fed a twink's fresh bratwurst. There's also at least one solo jerk-off scene.

When it comes to the 29 high-res photo sets they had a few more kinky tricks up their sleeves. It couldn't be a German production if there isn't at least one strapping German youth randomly peeing on the floor or two guys pissing on a submissive laying there spread-eagle. They also have lots of shots of sneakers, even one with its toe being pushed into a sub's bum. You'll also see leash and collar and pony play. My favorites are the two sex scenes (one is bareback).

Updates are up to four times a week, but you don't get any bonus sites, just a link promoting a site with a BDSM and denim theme. Speaking of which, if you are into jeans then this site will definitely give you them by the boatload, because these Germans seem to love their blue jeans. Ideally the vids would be higher in quality and downloadable, but I will say this: Sadist Boy has some truly unique gay amateur fetish and BDSM content.

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