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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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So you're getting a lap dance from a hot stripper when suddenly a hungry bear bursts through the door and tries to eat you alive. What do you call that? Why, a Lap Dance Gone Bad, of course. The people behind the website might call it something else entirely, because their idea of a lap dance gone awry doesn't mesh with mine.

As it turns out, the lap dances here don't take a turn for the worse at all. In fact, they are probably infinitely better than any lap dance you'll ever experience. So why did the producers go with the name LapDanceGoneBad? Your guess is as good as mine, but it might just be because was already taken.

There are 11 videos and they usually show strippers giving lap dances to both guys and girls. Sometimes that's all there is to the vids, but other times the strippers get paid to do a little more than shake their asses and get naked. All it takes is a little persuasion in the form of hard cash to get these babes to suck cock and fuck on camera.

Most of the movies are broken up into parts and available for download as Windows Media and QuickTime clips. Three are offered as full-length flicks. The videos are below average in quality, though there is one that offers great-quality playback. And just so you're aware, some of these faces are a little familiar.

There are 14 sets of photos to go along with the movies and they too show the chicks dancing before taking part in raunchier activities. The pictures look pretty good, but they aren't as big as they could be. They can't be downloaded in Zip files, so saving full galleries is a bit of a hassle.

Perhaps the best thing about the site is that being a member allows you to access four bonus sites, namely Beach House XXX, Peter Girls, POV Porn and Sex On The Beach XXX. Chances are that if you do become a member, you'll spend more time exploring those than you do watching the strippers, because there hasn't been a new lap dance update in a long time.

I like the idea behind Lap Dance Gone Bad, but I don't care for its execution. With little content and no growth, you may as well pass on joining and spend your money on a real lap dance instead.

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