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Updated on: 01/29/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • Nothing much has changed, which isn't surprising, because it's now clear that the site rotates its content.

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There were lots of places I wanted to visit when I was little, but now that I'm a big boy, the only place I want to be is under a sexy woman. If the babe is a little older and has years of sexual experience, it's even better. The guys on Boys Under Matures apparently feel the same way, as they're jumping at every chance they get to hook up with a hot mama.

When we first reviewed BoysUnderMatures, it was a relatively new site and that helped to explain its size, but it has had some time to mature now and its growth hasn't been all that impressive. It has 33 videos and 15 sets of pictures right now and those numbers haven't changed much over time. The website gives you the impression that it's updating, but what it's actually doing is rotating its content.

You'll find the flicks spread across a few pages, each with a brief write-up. There's a preview video that you can stream and, if you like what you see, you can go ahead and watch the full-length version in an embedded Flash player. The movies look superb and you'll be eager to download them, but sadly that isn't an option. The photos are gorgeous and high-res and, unlike the vids, they can be downloaded in Zip files.

All the scenes show older women seducing guys who are clearly several years younger. Some of the dudes don't seem to know what to do when the ladies come on to them, but they all give in to their advances eventually and fuck the babes silly. In addition to straight-up sex, there's also cunnilingus and blowjobs. The scenes are pretty hot, but the old-lady wigs some of the models wear look a bit ridiculous.

Bonuses consist of eight additional sites. Ones like Matures Under Boys and Matures Fuck Teens have similar themes, but other, like My Sissy Boyfriend and Teens Obedience Lesson, are fun too. There are also some additional pics and flicks in the bonus zone.

Boys Under Matures could be a great site, but it won't ever reach its full potential unless it starts to actually update instead of just pretending to and giving us the same old scenes. Allowing you to download its movies would make it much better, too.

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