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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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Bright eyes, soft skin, high-pitched laughter. It's easy to see why people of all ages want to fuck gals between the ages of 18 and 23. They are horny and opening up to their sexuality with just the right mixture of wonder and eagerness. On 18 X Girls Mobile, you can enjoy their sexual escapades wherever you are. Technology truly is a wonderful thing.

You'll discover immediately upon logging into the members' area for 18XGirlsMobile that it is, in fact, the members' area for 18 X Girls, the PC version of the site, which you can access with your username and password. When I first logged in, I thought it would look different and point me to where I needed to go to start streaming the vids, but that's not the case. 

It seems in order to stream, you need to click on the "download video - mobile phone." Who knew you had to click download when you want to stream? Also, no matter how you hold your mobile device or what zoom setting it's at, the site never efficiently fits your screen.

There are 531 videos that feature the fresh-faced hotties you saw on the tour pages, with something new added to the collection every day. There's a good mix of solo masturbation and one-on-one straight and lesbian fare. The scenes have models from Russia and Eastern Europe along with dialogue from that region. There are no subtitles, but things move pretty quickly beyond the interview phase into the good stuff. Most videos run over 20 minutes and they look great on a portable device.

The 531 picture galleries are a decent size, with the average set having around 145 and some having as many as 300. They also include a slideshow, so you can hold your mobile device with one hand and do something productive with your other hand like, say, run it through your hair or practice snapping your fingers.

For bonuses, you are given access to a two sites, including Climax Vids, and a large library of video feeds that have full-length films. You'll find more sweet content there with 18 to 23-year-olds, so you'll have plenty to keep you busy.

If you're looking for hot sex and a lot of it, then18 X Girls Mobile provides a lot of material at a decent price. It would be really great if they redesigned the layout for mobile screens, though.

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