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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If you were excited about checking out this site because you know that on "Star Trek" Seska is a 24th century Cardassian operative, genetically altered to appear Bajoran in order to infiltrate the Maquis, I have to first say that I stand and applaud your geekyness, but this isn't a sci-fi porn site. So take off your homemade star-fleet uniform and get ready to look at a real naked woman.

Her name is Seska (no, I don't know if she named herself after the 24th century Cardassian operative) and she is a sweet and sexy 39-year-old black-haired woman from Montreal, Canada, who has been documenting her sexual exploits for many years.

There are some really good things to say about this amateur site. First off, she is the one in charge and spending time on it provided me with the feeling that I was actually getting to know her. She has done lots of writing in her journal and on her blog and these aren't two-sentence entries either. They are often pretty in-depth thoughts about her life.

Although, to get to the blog you will need to click on the link at the top of her page that takes you to the old site design (I consider this a minor flaw). As for the sexy stuff, she is a very open woman and besides cock in all her holes she is also a big fan of pussy. Her photo sets and videos cover her sucking cock, getting fucked, eating cum and enjoying lesbian love.

There are about 350 photo sets and 135 videos. The vids are downloadable in average to good-qualityMPEG files and the photos look average to good. The filming is amateur, but generally gives you a good view of the action.

Doing some reading about her and her site I found out that she is no longer producing new content and her weekly updates are just rotated material. I read in her journal that she was going back to her studies and it was keeping her busy, so maybe she has just taken a break, but we won't know till we see what happens in the future.

Membership includes access to 27 bonus sites as part of the VIP Members network, like Biohazard Bitches, Inked Andi, Cute Latina and Cum Hogs.

Seska is everything you want in an individual amateur model. She is sexy, open, cares about her fans and is involved with her content.Or at least she was. Since she stopped updating the value of a membership is obviously not what it once was.

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