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Updated on: 08/05/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited SPrivateVideos...

  • The design and theme of the site have changed. While it once focused on giving you amateur porn, it now provides you with a variety of niches.
  • While photos are no longer offered, the number of videos has grown by the thousands.
  • You could save the videos in the past, but now you're stuck streaming them.
  • It seems as though the site is updating, but it isn't quite clear how often.
  • The movies now come in fewer formats and are a little less impressive in quality.
  • A number of features have been removed.

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The "S" in S Private Videos stood for "stolen" at one point. These days it stands for "super." Why the change? Well, the website used to offer nothing but amateur content and I suppose the producers felt that it would be a selling point to imply that their movies were actually swiped sex tapes. Now that the site simply offers a mix of porn, I guess there's no point in maintaining the lie.

While you may be disappointed to learn that SPrivateVideos is no longer the amateur site it once was, you can take some comfort in knowing that it has morphed into a massive website that provides you with 6,348 full-length DVDs. There are multiple scenes in each one, so you're probably getting around 31,740 scenes in all. Nearly 600 of the DVDs are classified as amateur productions, so it's not like there aren't any everyday girls to be seen.

You can sort the films by niche, so it's pretty easy to find ones that will be of interest to you. You can also view all the videos together if you want, but it isn't the best way to browse the material. You see, you can only jump ahead or back by so many pages at a time and there are a lot of pages for you to look through. It would be nice if the site provided you with a search function or allowed you to save your favorite flicks to a special section, but sadly it doesn't.

You can't save any of the movies, so if you're going to check them out, you need to watch them online. They can all be streamed in an embedded player and you usually get a few streaming options to choose from. The newer videos can be streamed in two Flash formats, a Windows Media format and three MP4s, including one that lets you enjoy great-quality playback.

Regardless of what you're in the mood to see, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it on this site. The girls come in all shapes and sizes and there aren't many sex acts they aren't shown trying. You can watch a hot teen masturbate in the shower and then catch a flick in which a granny gets off with another older babe. From there you can move on to orgy scenes or hilarious porn parodies.

You won't find any photos and a membership doesn't come with any real extras, but given how much porn members have at their disposal, neither thing is a big deal. It isn't even a major issue that the porn isn't exclusive. With there being so much of it, there's simply no way you've seen it all.

It isn't quite clear how often S Private Videos updates, but it does seem to be growing. Even if it wasn't, though, it would still be worth a look, as it's a pretty good source for raunchy DVD releases.

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