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According to Wikipedia, "Neha is a common Indian Hindu female name originating from the Sanskrit language. Neha means love in Sanskrit, originating from the root word sneha; but can also be translated to mean rain, originating from the root word nehal." In the case of My Sexy Neha, Neha Nore is a lovely wife from Bangalore, India, who loves to pose nude and fool around with her hubby on camera.

Upon signing into MySexyNeha, you get to read more of Neha's story. Her parents immigrated to Bangalore after the partitioning of Pakistan from India back in 1947. Despite being raised Hindu, her parents enrolled her in Catholic school, where she had her first kiss. Still, she remained a virgin until she got married in 2007. I guess it was from that point that she shed her conservative cultural inhibitions.

She only has 12 videos though. One comes in an average-quality Windows Media format, then you have a great-quality MPEG for another, but most of them come in good-quality AVIs. The vids are really short - even the two scenes that come in a pair of clips are only a couple minutes long.

These are truly amateur productions and making porn is illegal in India, so you're not going to draw a lot of attention to what you're doing with fancy lights or equipment. At any rate, you will see some sexy scenes, even if other than a couple of blowjobs, Neha usually performs on her own. I really like the fact that there are two lactation scenes. Neha's boobs are a pale olive, but her areolas are dark brown and I loved seeing them squirt some tasty breast milk.

You can also check out 45 photo galleries and you'll find some high-res pics. You will wish that there were Zip files, but there is an automatic slideshow. The spreads all show Neha posing alone, usually dressed and then slowly stripping to flash her creamy dark-nippled breasts and her shaved pussy.

There hasn't been an update since the end of 2010. You won't find any bonus sites, although in her "friends" section you will find some additional photo sets. My Sexy Neha seems too small recommend even if true Indian porn is hard to come by.

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  • Comment by: BalaGopal

    Score: 100% Date: 05/20/2011

    This site is very good , posting like Neha pics

  • Comment by: Ravi

    Score: 100% Date: 02/05/2011

    how an indian beauty can dare to show like this