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By: Wayne King
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We've all been there: You're waiting for the bus and have some time to kill. What better way to enjoy the downtime than by looking at some intense hardcore porn? Tiffany Preston Mobile is your opportunity to take this luscious French Canadian temptress everywhere you go.

Among the 119 videos available on TiffanyPrestonMobile, you'll find this horny brunette doing such things as blowing her man, fucking her man and sometimes grabbing a toy and fucking herself. There's also quite a few vids featuring her putting on a hot strip show for the cameras.

The layout is simple and easy to move around. Each page shows you six movies at a time. It's simple enough to go through the pages looking for something to watch, but if you have something specific in mind, you might be better off browsing the material by category.

The videos tend to look good on your mobile device. The average scene runs eight minutes, but you'll find a few that are twice as long. Fast-forwarding is a breeze with little buffer or lag. The overall production quality is quite basic. You get a title card before the scene begins and fades into the beginning of the scene. There's an amateur quality to the action that is very exciting if you like your porn with no frills, soundtrack, etc.

For example, one scene opens with the cameraman knocking on Tiffany's door, only to find it's unlocked. He decides to walk in and after poking his head around he finds Tiffany laid out on the bed, spread eagle, playing with herself. One thing leads to another and before you know it, the cameraman has his hard-on in Tiffany's hand and is about to shoot some joy juice.

There are no pictures on the site. There is a section devoted to photos, but it looks like you get vid caps rather than actual pictures. That's a bummer, but at leats there are still new movies being added to the collection. Tiffany has been updating weekly as of late, so let's hope she keeps that up.

Overall, Tiffany Preston Mobile provides a good time. There are some minor issues, but the scenes are a lot of fun to watch and the membership price is below average, so you can feel good about getting yourself one.

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