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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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You go to school to learn about things like math, science and history, but where does one go to learn about sex? The answer, dear readers, is an institute of higher learning called Raunchy Rapids. The students and staff at this Raunchy School can teach you everything you'll ever need to know about sex and their lessons come to you by way of 3D art and animation.

RaunchySchool has a whole section devoted to introducing you to its characters and there's a photo and a short biography provided for each of them. Below the biographies, there are links to the episodes in which specific characters appear. So if someone catches your eye and you want to see more, you know exactly where to go.

As it stands, there are a total of 15 episodes. There's a write-up and a series of preview images provided for each one, so you know exactly what to expect before giving them a closer look. Each episode consists of a video and set of 40 images that tell a raunchy story. 

The flicks look good and tend to depict the best moment of the story in motion, though they're only a minute long, so they're a tad disappointing. Additional images follow the video and bring the tale to a satisfying end. You might see a couple of cuties seducing their tutor or the school's coach and his buddy fucking the new chemistry teacher. The action's hot, hardcore and beautifully rendered in 3D. Trust me, you've never seen toons look this sexy.

An episode's content is presented in a column, so it's just a matter of scrolling through the material until you reach the end of it. Each image is a panel of high-res sequential art that helps to propel the story along. Once you're about halfway through, you'll find an embedded Flash video that you can stream, but not save.

The website was updating about once a week for a while, but it hasn't added anything new since July 2010. I realize that teachers and students have the summer off, but they might want to get back to work and make sure there are more episodes coming our way. There are no extras, so there isn't enough material on Raunchy School right now to make it worth remaining a member longer than a month.

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