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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Tribal Male teaches us a valuable lesson about the past. With an aging population, sometimes comforting nostalgia replaces the harsh reality of what really happened. We often think that the world was more innocent and heartfelt desires more earnest and pure. Nothing could be further from the truth when you see these extreme flicks filmed in the '70s and '80s featuring The Skulls, a gay biker gang that enjoyed BDSM.

There are about 120 videos on TribalMale. At first I wasn't sure where they were, but a little scroll down the homepage brought me to them. On the right-hand side of the page is a dropdown menu with movie titles and categories (why they are together I don't know).

All the movie titles have a number beside them and those are the parts. Checking out a few it seemed as though most of the time the parts were seperate scenes from the DVD in question, so I counted them as seperate vids. They can be downloaded in good-quality Windows Media files and there are also MP4s for mobile devices.

You will also see standard blowjobs and bareback sex. Still, there's often an element of one man being the alpha who dominates one or more men. Sometimes, though, unlike contemporary porn, the plots are complex enough to include the bottom fantasizing that the tables have been turned.

That's the story in part one of "American Cream" and I have never seen such surreal porn. A boss calls in one of his underlings, makes him bend over and then cuts into the seat of his pants with a knife before tearing the fabric wide open to reveal his naked butt. The dudes kiss, the employee rims the boss's ass and then the fucking begins. Both the real encounter (where the boss is the Top) and the employee's dream of dominating his employer get played out.

I won't give the total play by play, but images of the U.S. Capitol Building and President Nixon are interspersed with the sex. When the lackey goes to sit on his manager's stiff cock, there's a brief cutaway to him lowering his anus onto a model of the Washington Monument. My mind was blown away by these subliminal political statements. Seeing lithe studs with sizable cocks poking through bushy pubes made something else ready to blow.

It isn't one of the infamous Skulls' movies, but some of their titles will give you an idea of what they entail, for example "Fisting Ballet" and "Terrible Trilogy: Under The Lash, Wine Enema and Nasty Enema." Elsewhere on the site they give an historical background on the Skulls and explain that their films were less about gay sex and more about men proving that they can endure pain as if it was a rite of manhood.

There isn't much in the way of pictures on the site, but there are two image galleries. One of them showcases erotic art illustrated by Tom of Finland. The other features work by none other than Robert Mapplethorpe. The images aren't huge, but they still look good.

You also get loads of information about the history of gay porn and various parts of gay subculture, like leather men and Castro clones, so you'll feel educated as well as titillated. There are also audio stories to listen to while you masturbate. The only downside is that this collection is no longer growing. Still, Tribal Male is a gay porn experience like no other, so despite its limitations, it's unique enough to warrrant a visit.

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