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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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When I was little, my parents made me stand in the corner whenever I was bad. I thought it was the worst thing ever at the time, but I actually had it easy. After all, my behavior never got me whipped, paddled or tied up. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate and the ladies on the Brutal Punishment website can attest to that.

When you first sign in, you might think you're in the wrong place because you end up on the homepage of the Fetish Network. Don't worry, though, the brutality you signed up for is only a few clicks away. Just click on the "our sites" link and then on the thumbnail that represents BrutalPunishment.

There are 72 videos waiting to be discovered and in each one we see at least one chick being tormented by her captor. Often restrained by either ropes or chains, the babes find themselves at the complete mercy of their Dom. They're struck repeatedly with whips, paddles, cats o' nine tails and other instruments and despite how much the girls may yell, cry or scream, their punishment only ends when their Master decides it does.

You're free to stream the movies, as well as download them in two versions. The lesser one gives you average-quality footage, while the better one gives you good-quality playback. Every video comes with a set of images, but sometimes you get vid caps rather than photos. Finding the photographs can be a bit tricky, because they're always mislabeled as being screen caps. There are about 32 photo sets in all, but none of them can be downloaded in Zip files.

Members can explore more than 40 bonus sites while they wait for the next update, although it might never come because there hasn't been anything new added since February 2013. Some of the bonus sites, including Brutal Ball Busting, Face Sitting Freaks and Pure Smothering, focus on specific fetishes.

If you're into watching babes being punished, you can reward yourself by joining Brutal Punishment. The website isn't huge, but the action is hot and you'll find similar porn among the bevy of bonus material.

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