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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Have you ever thought you were alone with someone only to realize after the fact that there was a camera watching your every move? I know that I've been caught riding an elevator with someone, too horny to keep my hands where they should be in anticipation of reaching our hotel room. However, unlike the folks on Stolen Security Tapes, we weren't quite going all the way.

On StolenSecurityTapes, the couples you'll see are doing a lot more than just heavy petting or even oral foreplay. Other than some masturbation scenes, you're going to see guys and girls going all the way in the 31 videos. You won't see it happening very clearly though.

I am able to confirm that these streaming-only vids have average-quality stats, but look less impressive. I guess that the grainy and blurry playback, along with there not being any photos, makes it seem like real security-cam footage. The videos open in a pop-up window, but there's no pagination and you can't save your favorites, so it's not easy getting back to the ones you really liked.

They claim that the content has been bought from crooked security guards, but I instantly recognized many of these scenes from other voyeur sites. For example, the chick sucking and riding dick in a coffin in the showroom of a funeral home is an unforgettable classic. You'll also see more than one video that has the same guy in it. So either the dude is one crazy horndog without much common sense or he's literally fucking every woman he's ever worked with at multiple places of employment.

As already mentioned, you'll see some ladies who simply can't stop touching themselves. They might be alone in the office, sitting at their desks with nothing better to do than masturbate. Sometimes they at least think they're being discreet and wait to diddle their pussies in the apparent privacy of the ladies' room. Personally, I prefer the secretaries who do it with their bosses instead of being greedy and keeping their pussy-pleasuring to themselves.

The first video is always dated, but don't believe it. The site has the same amount of content as it did in 2010, so they're obviously rotating things around. At least you get access to the Spy Porn Network, which includes Mobile Spy Porn, Spy Vids and Stolen Footage. You also get access to a large number of streaming videos that cover a wide range of hardcore action.

The lack of updates and downloadable content makes me wary of recommending this site, so, in the end, Stolen Security Tapes isn't worth joining, even if you really dig voyeur porn.

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