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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I must admit that I do enjoy watching those ghost hunting reality shows that have become somewhat popular lately. They give me the willies, so I never watch them at night, because my imagination tends to run a little wild. Sometimes they investigate haunted hotels and such, so when I read the sitename Room 213, I thought maybe we'd see some incubus porn. In the end, the dudes sneaking in and fooling around with female guests are completely real with rather solid body parts.

They make it very clear that Room213 is completely staged. The women are actors merely pretending to be asleep while the men do naughty things to them. They know from the start that they're being filmed even before the guys act like they're sneaking up on them while they're snoozing away in bed. Still, you can always suspend your disbelief, even if most of us know that no one can literally doze all the way through sex. Besides, it would be insulting if they could.

The site is new, but it's been about a month since the last update and there are a mere 11 videos. On top of that, they cannot be downloaded, but the streams are stellar in quality. They do sometimes add a grainy effect to the spy-cam footage at the beginning of each flick and even though it clears up for the hardcore portion of each scene, the lighting is a bit yellow. However, it makes it seem a bit more realistic. There are no photos.

Most of the action involves oral sex ending in a messy facial, but a couple of scenes show penetration. My favorite of those two shoots has a "drunk" party girl passed out on her stomach. The guy manages to pull her thong out of the way and stick his long, hard cock in her pussy from behind. She moans a little while he does it, so he switches to putting his dick in her mouth while fingering her. You see her later on waking up to discover her face covered in cum.

You'll find a selection of seven vids taken from other websites with the same sleeping theme and you get access to the Spy Porn Network of voyeur sites: Mobile Spy Porn, Spy Vids, Stolen Security Tapes and Stolen Footage. You also get a ton of additional flicks to stream in a wide variety of hardcore categories. Room 213 lets you live out a great fantasy, but the small amount of content and lack of downloadable vids limits the appeal.

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