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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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An element to BDSM that many outsiders don’t consider is the inherent beauty that exists when a sexy woman is bound. For example, how the rope contrasts with soft flesh or visually divides the body into multiple segments, to say nothing about the feeling you get inside when you look upon someone who is completely helpless and at your mercy. Tied Dolls is here to put an emphasis on that aspect of BDSM and in the process celebrate this misunderstood fetish.

On TiedDolls, you’ll find very stylish pictorials of babes tied in a number of ways by different kinds of restraints. There are no videos to be found. Instead, you can look forward to picture after picture of one gorgeous cuties after another who looks either horny, bemused or sometimes even reflective while they are being restrained. The 12 picture galleries are available in three different sizes, with the largest size giving you absolutely massive super-high-res images that will render you speechless.

Please note that when I use the word "massive" here, I really mean it. I'm seriously not exaggerating in the least right now. To give you an idea as to how big these pictures get, I have a widescreen monitor and at full size you see less than a quarter of the image. The result is that this lets you see every scrape, razor bump and bit of rope burn on the woman's tied-up body.

The pictures are so crisp that I even wanted to lick the screen at times. The size of the galleries end up being evenly split between those that range from having 25 to 40 photos in them and those that have between 75 to 90 pics. There is a Zip file made available to you for every gallery. That goes for each size, too.

Every gallery has a simple title that is straight to the point, like “bound”, “victim” and “Alice in leather.” My favorite gallery was “naughty soldier,” which features a blonde babe with a hard body bound in an elaborate scheme, with a military shirt that fits nice and tight pulled up to reveal her perky tits and a gun-metal black gas mask on her face.

The site design is quite impressive and does a great job of maintaining the aesthetic established in the pictures. Little things, like matching fonts and color schemes that tie into a larger theme, are some elements you may not notice at first, but at the same time recognize that something is not working. That's not the case at all over here, as everything is finely tuned and presents an overall impressive presentation.

There are some truly stylish wallpaper that you get as bonus material. Though their library is currently on the small side, if Tied Dolls manages to keep up with their updating and high-quality photography, you’ll become a regular visitor, no doubt. You don't even have to be a fan of BDSM to appreciate and enjoy the artistic eroticism that is on display here.

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