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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Porn always likes to cash in on the latest trends, so with the ever-growing popularity of vampires and one teen vampire/werewolf saga in particular, you can now enjoy Twinklight. That's right, sweet vanilla twinks finally bring you action with some teeth to it. They've tweaked the names just a bit, so, for example, Edward is now Edmund and Bella was turned into the rather unusual name of Billa.

I've always found that vampires ooze with sexual ambiguity. However, even if I haven't read the famous books, I can tell you that there are no hardcore encounters of any persuasion. Luckily for us, Twinklight rewrites that aspect of the narrative even if it keeps some romance. These dreamy teen heartthrobs don't just tease each other with mere sexual tension. These hunks suck (dick, not just blood) and fuck.

You'll see the DVD with its streaming-only scenes as one entry and more videos from the site as a second entry when you select "videos" from the top menu bar. Combining both sections, you get 74 videos and most come in an HD format (some are Full HD). The 23 DVD scenes look quite good when streamed.

You also get extended shoots, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and bloopers. Some are very short, though, and may not show you hardcore action. Still, these boys are so cute that they're fun to look at even when they have their clothes on and it's interesting to see how good they are at acting as well as fucking.

It's rather funny to see a guy fucking his partner's ass as hard as he can and making the entire bed move out of frame. It's funnier still when the same sort of butt-pounding causes a vampire's tooth to dislodge. Meant to be less humorous (but it still gave me a giggle), is in the final cut of a scene where they used crimson-red lube. The vampire is smart and uses a condom, but when he bites the neck of his human victim, I'd say safe sex is his least concern.

Anyway, the boys and their crew seem to have fun with it. However, there are lots of naked boy butts and throbbing teen cock to ogle in pics as well. I managed to find 51 photo sets posted alongside some of the vids. They can be downloaded in Zip files and come with some crisp images.

There hasn't been anything added to the website since June 2013. However, you get seven bonus sites from the Gay Life Network, including Lollipop Twinks, Teach Twinks, Twinkylicious and Best Bareback. In the end, Twinklight is lighthearted fun and it brings you content that's high in quality, but just keep in mind that you'll see twinks with and without fangs.

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