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Updated on: 11/16/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Sexy-teacher porn is a very common theme and I have personally witnessed versions of the niche from many different countries. Well, now it is Japan's turn and with JP Teacher they have done it their own way. So what makes it so specifically Japanese? Well, for starters, there are the pixelated genitals.

Next would be the sexy innocence of many of the chicks on JPTeacher. In fact, the first scene I checked out featured a group of male students dragging a female student into a classroom where the male teacher held on to her while the guys stripped her down, which led to more hardcore antics. I never had classes like that when I was going to school, but then again I never went to school in Japan (although now I really wish I had).

There is variety among the scenes. While I witnessed some gangbangs, there are also one-on-one and solo teacher-toying movies. Also, while most of the content does have a classroom/teacher theme, there are some scenes that don't. Actually, that may not be true. I suppose it's possible that something relating to the theme is mentioned in the dialogue, but I wouldn't know because I don't speak Japanese and none of the movies are subtitled.

In total there are 777 nonexclusive videos. Each comes with a streaming option as well as three downloadable MP4 files. The "high quality" one offers good or great-quality playback. There is also a set of vid caps to go along with each scene, but there aren't any actual photos.

The scenes are all dated, and the posted dates tell us that a new flick gets added to the website every two days. Between updates, you can explore the sites that make up the All Japanese Pass network. Anal Nippon, Bukkake Now, Idols 69, My Race Queens and Wierd Japan (yes, that is how it's spelled) are a few of the additional websites that you can visit.

The pixelated genitals and the nonexclusive nature of the content cost JP Teachersome points, but if you can look beyond those problems, it's got a lot going for it. With a good amount of high-quality content, it's worth checking out.

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