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Updated on: 08/19/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited RealLatinaExposed...

  • With 45 more videos, it seems as though they've resumed adding new content. Next time around we'll see if the site is still growing or if they resume the rotations.
  • They've changed the look of the site, but it didn't affect the navigation or usability.

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The Latin population has been steadily increasing in the United States over the last 20 years and some reports predict that they could become the majority within the next 50. You know what that means? More self-shot pictures and naughty videos of nubile Latinas sent to lovers who then hand them over to Real Latina Exposed.

The action you'll find in the 249 videos is a mix of amateur home videos, webcam shows and the like. While most of what you'll find are single camera shots, there are a few videos with actual productions, with edits and a soundtrack. One particular favorite features a babe playing with her giant juggs as Sade's "Hang On To Your Love" plays.

Most of the hotties are in the 18 to 23 range, but you'll find a few who are in their late 20s and early 30s. About half the action is hardcore in nature, with the other half of babes stripping or teasing. The average scene runs for six minutes, but you'll find some as short as a minute and others as long as 20.

You can stream the movies in an embedded Flash player and download them in a few formats. Not all the vids offer all the formats, but you should find a good-quality option for every scene, with many of the newer ones in HD. While the bit rates might suggest otherwise, you're ultimately at the mercy of the master recording and in the case of some of the webcams and home movies, it can mean blurriness and choppy movement at times.

The 216 galleries are quite small, as there are often only nine to 15 images per set. About two-thirds of the galleries feature a variety of pics, with the remaining ones focusing on one sexy babe. You'll find that a lot of the pics have timestamps, which, if you love amateur porn like I do, really ramps up the hotness. The best are high-res, but the quality varies.

The site is part of the Da GFs network and, as a member, you get access to some additional sites, including Real Asian Exposed and Real Mom Exposed. You'll find that they all have the same approach, just with a different type of gal.

Last time around, we were under the impression that they were rotating content. However, there are 45 more videos on this visit, so it looks like they're adding new material at this point. They added a dozen scenes in the last month alone, but I noticed that these recent additions were studio productions. I also won't be totally shocked if on our next visit we see that they're rotating content again.

Whether next time the site is growing or not won't change the fact that Real Latina Exposed provides you with an impressive collection of Latin gals who may not even know that their naughty side is posted on the Internet for the whole world to see. Well, I do think the Latin pornstars probably know that their work is on display for everyone to enjoy.

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